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    Chris Christie a Moderate Liberal Populist

    the above link is to a site that goes over Christie's time in office, then uses a test to score his political make-up. This is correct, yet, Republican moderates are hailing Christie as a conservative, and not just a regular conservative, but a serious damn conservative by God who can win, baby win! Moderates are all over Christie right now because his popularity is around 75%. They say Christie is a straight-shooter who fights for lower taxes and worker rights against union control, and he cuts spending. Man, what more can you ask for?

    Christie is currently spending millions on education that feeds a failed bureacratic system -- taxes are astronomically high in NJ mainly because NJ pays $16,841 per student, and Christie is adding more. Today, Christie announced that he embraces Obamacare for his state. Yes, Gov Christie is a staunch conservative -- the moderates really can pick 'em can't they?

    When moderate Republicans believe media hype that surrounds one of their own, like the hype that surrounded "The Maverick" John McCain around 2006 and 2007, they're always set up when this champion is chosen to run against a Democrat. Media turn on the moderate, and the moderate has no defense, because the moderate was lured into the Centrist Liberal Populist world of phony adulation from the Left, then a big smack down takes place at the strategic moment.

    Christie will be destroyed because he's particularly susceptible to praise. He eats it up and loves popularity. The media and Left will play him like a bass violin. Christie will bask in the glow of agreement with interviewers regarding GOP conservatives who've become too partisan, then the partisan wolves on the Left will attack when Christie is fully exposed, and the GOP base will turn away -- same old story.

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