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    Morning Joe 2/5/2013 -- Drones and stimulus

    On the issue of drones and Presidential power to kill Americans without due process of the law if the Americans are suspected of terrorist activity, I'm in complete agreement with Scarborough, Mika and the Morning Joe guests who expressed concern. I've written about this problem many times. One thing I'd like to say is that when the State gains powers beyond what the Constitution allows, and when many people happily accept such violations when it suits them or when it jibes with an anti-capitalist ideology, they have themselves to blame when the extra-Constitutional violations expand to areas that concern these very same people. When Leviathan is created, Leviathan does what unlimited power does. Congress has to act responsibly, devising a new definition of patriotism, and provide oversight, stop the violations of basic rights and totally re-evaluate the War on Terror, the Patriot Act, Mideast interventions, the drone program and our entire military/industrial complex.

    An area of disagreement is the ongoing dicussion on Morning Joe regarding stimulus spending and long term debt reduction. Scarborough has framed the argument as his form of smart conservativism distinguished from the Democrats' desire for stimulus with no immediate fixes for entitlements. The GOP Centrist position now is that we need government stimulus -- education, research, infrastructure -- and we need to design debt fixes that take place down the road when the economy is better. This Centrist plan ignores those conservatives in the GOP who want to make serious changes to government and cut governement spending by reducing its size and scope of government power. Centrists are presenting their plan as the new GOP plan which addresses Democrat's desire for stimulus, but it forces the Democrats to develope a plan now to reduce the debt in the future. Democrats, following Paul Krugman, say that we need stimulus now to get the economy going, then after we know where we stand, after economic growth is a reality, and after we know exactly what the entitlement situation is, then we can deal with deficits and debt. If we make plans now, the cuts might not be needed later, or we might not cut enough, so just wait to see what has to be done after the economy is fixed.

    If these are the two choices, the Centrist plan or the Democratic Party plan, then the Democrat's plan makes more sense -- if we're going to fix the debt and defict in the future, then wait to see what has to be fixed and how much has to be cut or tweaked or reformed. Scarborough says we need to make a plan now to satisfy investors and foreign countries, but, if we put the problem off, these smart professionals in business or foreign governments will know that either way, it's a long shot that the US government will do what it says it will do regarding real spending cuts or real entitlement reform unless reality is so dire we're forced to do it, but who's going to force austerity on the US? Maybe China and Russia and India will have the influence and economic power to force the US to follow through, but it's more likely that it will take a severe economic crisis within the US for the government to act.

    I don't agree with the premise. I have no confidence that government stimulus will create economic growth sufficient for jumpstarting sustainable private sector economic growth I've stated my position of limiting government power, deregulation, non-interventionism abroad, free trade, economic growth through economic freedom, and elimination of entire government programs and departments, plus comprehensive tax restructuring. But the faction of the political class that leans toward classical liberal solutions is not even considered in the conversation in the media at this point. They haven't been mentioned on Morning Joe except as part of the crazies who need to be marginalized and coopted by Centrists.

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