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    Morning Joe 2/6/2013 -- Statists vs Anti-Statists

    As I've written before, I start each weekday morning critiquing the Morning Joe show because it's an informative look into the political class -- it's a view into the statist mind from both the Right and Left, Democrats and Republicans. Hardly ever does Morning Joe have libertarians on the show or do they discuss real libertartian principles as viable ideas by which to guide the American political process. Scarborough and some other conservatives will talk about "small" government, but it's only for show, because when push comes to shove Scarborough and other Centrist/Establishment-types promote government solutions to all our most pressing problems. For at least two weeks now Scarborough has beat the drum for short-term stimulus spending that gives the economy a bang for its buck, plus a government plan to reform entitlements in the future to deal with long-term debt. The Left prefers to deal with long-term debt later when we know exactly what we're looking at and after the economy has recovered and we have full employment. Both want to put the hard problems of dealing with entitlements off into the future.

    The most important battle going forward in the political realm will be a battle between statism and anti-statism. You can see Centrists moving closer to Leftists to combat anti-statism, creating distinctions with no differences for show, like the phony distinctions between making a plan now to deal entitlements rather than dealing with entitlements later when we know what we're dealing dealing.

    Scarborough says his plan is superior and blames the Left, Krugman and other "debt-deniers", as Scarborough calls them, for ignoring the debt. Scarborough says the Left wants to deal with the debt after entitlements collapse, but this is only Scarborough's way of distinguishing his avoidance of the debt problem from the Left's avoidance and trying to make his avoidance look responsible. It does no good, however, to say today that we'll do X, Y and Z in the future when you have no control over the Congress that will exists at that time. There's a graveyard of such broken promises in DC -- Congress is always going to be responsible at some future date, yet they never follow through with real cuts or real limits on power. The Congress in the future will want to avoid entitlement cuts just like the Congress today wants to avoid entitlement cuts. The political reality is that Centrists like Scarborough want to spend and tax just like the Progressives want to spend and tax, while doing nothing about debt and deficits. In order to do something significant about debt and deficits, government power has to be limited now and major parts of government have to be shut down, along with the shutdown of mideast involvement and military bases around the world. America has to become a nation of traders again, through economic freedom and free trade abroad, pursuing peace and prosperity and a superior defense system, offering the world another path if any nation wants to join the pursuit for peace and prosperity, sharing culture and knowledge for the betterment of everyone....okay, I'll stop.

    What was interesting this morning and shows the statist values of the No Labels/Centrist/Establishment factions -- Sam McKinnon said he agrees with the administration's drone policy that was uncovered yesterday. Scarborough acted surprised, but I don't see how as he and McKinnon are friends. McKinnon said he errs on the side of giving Presidents more power when it comes to killing terrorists, even Americans simply suspected of terrorist activity. This is a very troubling troubling position, and Scarborough let it slide. Mika said that she and Scarborough and others in their circle will have to evolve on these issues for the sake of safety for their families and children. Karl Rove and other Centrist types said the same thing yesterday, that they agree with the drone policy and that it justifies Bush's torture and detention and policies. As I wrote yesterday, the nation has to reevaluate the War on Terror and take back the imperial powers given to Presidents.

    Another troubling developement yesterday was Jay Carney saying, in response to a question about the drone policy, that the policy is legal, ethical and wise. This is creepy -- Carney is saying it's legal because the ruling class says it is, and that it's ethical and wise because he thinks Obama is an ethical and wise ruler. These are the troubling implications from such a statement. We can't let this stand. Representatives have to act.

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