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    The endless War on Terror

    Wake up America, shake off the fear of terrorism and live free again. For the most part, people don't run around worrying about terrorist attacks -- this is why government and media must constantly remind the people that danger still lurks. I was just watching Mike Rogers on Fox, and when asked if the war will last indefinitely, he pretty much said yes by recalling the recent close calls from terrorists out to kill Americans.

    Rogers basically stated that we can go into any country in which al Qaeda is a threat. What about Britian? If we find a terrorist cell in London, and if local authorities tell us to not intervene, will we attack the cell with a drone anyway? Can we go into Spain, if a high level US government official claims there is an imminent threat? Some lately have asked a pertinent question -- what if China developes a sophisticated drone program and attacks a group in Rochester, Ny that a high level Chinese government official deems an imminent threat to China? But forget about drones -- what if China decides she can attack anyone in America with any means of attack if they deem there's an imminent threat to their country? What's the difference?

    The current message from government is that the President has the power to decide who lives and who dies, even Americans, strictly on his say-so, or the say-so of a high level government official under him. The message also states that our military or intelligence agencies can target and attack deemed enemies in any country in which terrorists are an imminent threat, and "imminent" doesn't necessarily mean what imminent means -- it can mean a threat that is indeterminate as to when it will occur. So, if we believe a group of people in Germany associated with al Qaeda somehow will be a threat to America sometime in the future, we can attack them with a drone, theoretically. We would never do such in Germany or Britain or Spain only countries like Yemen, Tunisia and Pakistan, but who knows -- the President has given himself these powers.

    It's time for the American people to thank our brave soldiers, but then go to work at the voting booth and in the streets if necessary to save our military. The misuse of our military has reached a critical stage. The military has been misused for decades, but now they've been exhausted and used as pawns in a politically motivated occupation in Afghanistan for one of those decades. Every life lost in Afghanistan at this point is a wasted life, because we're no longer fighting to protect our national interests -- we're fighting because it will be politically embarrassing to any President who pulls out now, because the country will implode and the situation will be worse than before. We can't change other countries, and we can't protect them from themselves.

    Ginning up fear of terrorism is necessary for government to justify its interventions in the mideast and Northern Africa, but the resources we're applying to that region doesn't make sense considering the nature of the threat they represent to our country. We're told that Iranian leaders think differently than we do, and they might bomb us in their religious, delusional state of mind, not caring if they're destroyed immediately. They've had plenty of time to commit suicide, but they haven't. They don't need a nuclear bomb to commit suicide. The fact is that the people in power in Iran love power as much as those in power anywhere. Iran wants influence in the region. We should allow Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and Israel to work out their problems. Bring the troops home. We're concerned Russia and China will gain influence? Why? What will they be able to do there that we couldn't?

    We can develope our own energy sources and leave the mideast to the mideast. Now is the time. We can deal with any real threats from terrorist groups without the present interventions and presence on the ground. Let's get the military/industrial complex under control, freeing up money for the private sector and start producing goods and services again that aren't weapons of war -- let's move toward peace and prosperity not fear and war.

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