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    Power through security

    I gave up on the Democratic Party in 1980, and now I've given up completely on both parties. Our statist system of government has acquired sufficient power to dominate American citizens -- it can even kill American citizens with impunity.

    It's troubling that Abdulrahman al-Awlaki was killed by the US government and hardly anyone in power in DC cared enough to get real answers. When will we get answers to reports from America's critics that drones are killing more innocents than can be justified by the objectives of the missions, that the US is violating the principles of distinction and proportionality when using drones? There are claims that thousands of innocents have been killed, that al-Awlaki was not an al Qaeda leader and didn't order terrorist attacks, and yet our government will not answer the charges with findings from an unbiased investigation.

    The State has gained dominating power through the avenue of national security. In the past the State gained temporary dominating power, such as in WWII, violating rights through a justification of national security. If we look objectively at history and ask if out military interventions were necessary, it's questionable whether America has ever faced a time in which national security trumps our rights, yet the American people have been willing to trade rights for security when the State has made the case.

    After ten years of war, one has to wonder if the State hasn't discovered a way to dominate indefinitely the people and the economy through perpetual concerns regarding national security in an indefinite War on Terror. The War on Terror is flexible -- the enemy can show up in different countries at different times, requiring ongoing military diligence and unusal suspension of ordinary civil rights. The State has taken unconstitutional powers we're told are necessary to keep Americans safe and to save American lives.

    Libertarians have no power in government, but I thought conservatives would wake up and return to the traditionally conservative position of non-interventionism, separation of powers and rule of law, but conservatives have wrapped themselves in a faux-patriotism that's basically old fashined statist control and domination. Liberals who fight for civil liberties under Republican administrations have stopped worrying about civil liberties as they lobby for more State power and control over the economy, while practically ignoring all over-seas interventions, drone killings of innocents and a decade-long war.

    Even the Tea Party conservatives who gave lip service to limited government and a free market are embracing or staying silent about the recently revealed drone policy which  allows government to kill Americans on flimsy evidence with no checks and balances in place. Americans are giving up on liberty in favor of security, from the safety net and welfare state to overseas interventions and the warfare State. We don't even audit the Fed or the Pentagon. The State has gained complete control, and we won't realize the full extent until we truly resist it and try to take the power back.

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