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    Laughter is the best medicine when one is sick of the political class

    Of course, it's the Tea Party's fault. Robert Reich believes the Tea Party has inflitrated all levels of government and is now bringing it all down. Chris Matthews believes the Tea Party rightwingers are somehow behind a CIA coup which takes power from Obama and gives it to the Right. David Brooks simply thinks his base is stupid. Poor Brooks would rather associate himself with more sophisticated, intellectual types like Robert Reich and Chris Matthews. Oh, I forgot, there's a religious Leftist who  believes God hates the Tea Party, Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite -- David and Susan even share a name.

    If you don't find this hilarious, then you have no sense of humor, or you're smarter than those of us who keep up with this stuff and have no idea what the political class is doing. Unfortunately, though, you need to keep up with it, because, although it's funny, it's also dangerous since these clowns have political influence. No, wait, on second thought, these clowns don't have influence -- nevermind. Just take my word, laugh, it's funny.

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