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    Morning Joe 3/1/2013 -- CPAC/Christie, Woodward and sequestration

    On Morning Joe today, the crew discussed sequestration, making fun of the hyperbole surrounding the devastating effects predicted by the administration, the Democratic Party and some Republicans like Lindsay Graham who's predicting national security problems. You can tell who's worried about defense contractor cronies by how loud they cry at these small cuts in defense spending when there's so much waste in defense spending. Graham and Mccain can shake Karzai down to find the billions he's stolen to offset the cuts, if they want to protect their defense contractor relationships.

    Like Chuck Todd said this morning on the show, it's ridiculous. Bob Woodward was a guest, and he actually thinks that the sequestration cuts will have serious effects. Woodward thinks that the focus on his back and forth with Gene Sperling is a diversion by the administration to take the heat off government's incompetence. Morning Joe brought on David Axelrod to face Woodward, and Woodward did a good job of explaining what happened and why he reacted the way he did. Axelrod amazingly continued the lie told by President Obama, saying that Woodward is not telling the truth about Obama's role in setting up the sequestration and agreeing to only spending cuts. What happened is that Obama didn't think Republicans would go along with the defense spending cuts in the sequestration, so Obama made the deal of spending cuts only. If there had been an agreement to raise taxes in the sequestration deal, then Obama would surely have embraced it from the beginning rather than saying sequestration wouldn't happen.

    Now Obama wants to include tax hikes through loophole closing. Woodward says that since the sequestration is going through, Obama is moving the goalposts, and this is a fact. Axelrod was even saying it's untrue that Obama come up with the idea of sequestration. Woodward wins. Woodward says he never claimed Sperling threatened him. Woodward said that Sperling's warning that Woodward would regret staking out his position is no way for a WH spokesperson to handle this situation. The media and the Left made up the rest of the story. Axelrod continued to say Woodward claimed he was threatened and intimidated, and Axelrod made fun of him, but Woodward said he's not intimidated --he revealed WH tactics because they could intimidate young, inexperienced reporters. The WH doesn't like that their manipulations have been exposed by Woodward -- that's it. The Left can spin this and try to marginalize Woodward, but it doesn't change the facts. The President lied, and a powerful media personality exposed the lies and manipulations. That's the story.

    Al Cardenas was on as a guest to answer Joe Scarborough's criticisms regarding the snub of Chris Christie at CPAC this year. Cardenas easily dismissed the charges. Yesterday, Christie said that conservatives need to be more welcoming of hispanics. This was surely Christies way of dissing CPAC because he wasn't invited. It's funny though, because Cardenas fits the hispanic bill, and Cardenas told Joe that they've asked 30 conservatives to speak and many are hispanic, black and women. Scarborough and Christie should be glad that they bypassed Christie to give minorities a large voice at CPAC. Surely they'll see it this way after Cardenas schooled them. Oh, and Cardenas said that Christie was invited last year when he appeared to be more conservative, but doesn't make the grade this year. I'm not a conservative, but I can tell one when I see one -- Christie is no conservative.


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