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    Morning Joe 3/18/2013 -- Republicans in inner-city neighborhoods

    I don't know how much longer it will be useful to watch Morning Joe. For the past year or so, I've watched the show and benefitted from insight into the Center-Left mindset, but there's only so much to learn from this worldview. Now the show revolves the delusions of Joe Scarborough and that's not interesting at all. Poor Mika is stuck with it, and, like a good co-dependent, she seems to need the hassle for some weird reason. Hopefully, one day Mika will become a stronger person and break free. Poor Mika, but at least she's paid well.

    A while back Morning Joe had interesting guests on the show, but now they appear stuck with a few lackeys who show up on a regular basis forced to listen to Joe pontificate (did you know that Joe was in Congress and he loves to win and he did win by God by going to the people and being real and stuff?), although it looks painful. Steve Rattner looks like he's passing a kidney stone when Scarborough interrupts with one of his yuckety-yuck clown rants.

    This morning the discussion turned to Reince Priebus' statement that Republicans have to re-brand and go into neighborhoods and campout like the Democrats do year round. Scarborough said he increased the percentage of black votes for his House seat (he was in Congress you know) from 3% to 55% by going to the black community (you just follow the signs and you'll find them all in the black community) and helping families move off a toxic site that the city put them on, so if Joe can do it, all Republicans should go to black communities and ask what they can do to help -- problem solved. Those blacks in the black community, you know, they love it when people from the government come and want to help. Why even the Hispanics in the Hispanic communities are beginning to like government help.

    Eugene Washington was a little sceptical, as he should be, and so was Margaret Carlson as she tried to gently tell Scarborough he's full of crap. But these Leftists on the show still think it's a good idea -- they just don't think Republicans will do it. All the Leftists on Morning Joe said yes it would be great if Republicans reached out and talked to black and hispanic communities. Why? How? Well, no one said, except Joe, but then Joe's a special case, right? I'd say so. Very special.

    This is the silliest thing Republicans have talked about so far, but if they are serious, then it's more than silly -- it's suicidal. Margaret Carlson said its' not about the programs or policies, it's about talking to minorities, and if Republicans could talk with minorities and show they care, then it could be a game changer. Yeah, sure. So, Republicans go to inner city neighborhoods and tell the people in the communities that they care -- they send them emails like the Democrats -- they take them to lunch to get a feel for their needs. Then what? The black and hispanic votes shift to Republicans because GOP activists camped out in neighborhoods and talked to the people? Do these pundits think minorities are lonely and need people from political parties to talk to them? The GOP activists tell the people in inner-city communities that they, the GOP, have no programs to offer nor do they intend to change any policies, but they are there to talk and listen and to care? Yeah, this ought to bring in the minority votes.

    What happens when the Democrats who've been in these neighborhoods start countering the Republican strategy, asking the people in the communities what the Republicans will do for them? The Democratic activists will tell the people to ask the Republicans what they'll do to make sure Obamacare is not touched. They'll tell the people to ask Republicans how they'll strengthen the safety net, and when will the Republicans announce new welfare state strategies to meet the needs of the poor in these neighborhoods. Republicans will have to change policies to match or better the Democrats, and then they'll have to convince the people in the communities that they mean it and it's not just a cynical ploy. This new Republican strategy will take resources from their traditional base, and that base will feel as if they're being asked to take a financial hit so that Republicans can compete with the Democrats to offer a bigger, better welfare state. This will destroy the Republican Party, and it won't gain the trust of inner city communities who've been cultivated by Democrats for decades. I don't think Priebus has talked to many people in inner-city neighborhoods, but if he would, he might have a different take on what the GOP should do.

    All this competition for a greater welfare State is leading the country down a destructive path. If Priebus is suggesting going into inner-city neighborhoods and trying to explain the principles of limited government and a free market, then fine, but when Democrats are there promising to address every concern that low information have, promising to fight for each of them with all the might of the government, a limited government/free market message might not go over so well. If Republicans can't win as an opposition party to Progressivism, then we're all screwed. Sorry. As Ron Fournier, who was on the program earlier, would probably say, that's wackobird talk. Well, chirp, chirp.

    This GOP handwringing is only a political game of pragmatic gimmicks to fool voters, and it won't work. Unless the entire Republican Party believes that the welfare state is insufficient and needs to be strengthened, then the people in inner city communities will see the phoniness and reject it. Joe Scarborough is a blowhard who is out to build up his personal brand. Earlier he said that he votes for libertarians for symbolic reasons, then agreed with Steve Rattner that he ignores the core beliefs of libertarianism as they would be manifested in politics. Scarborough is a prime example of a politician who thinks he's smarter than the voters, and that all you have to do is turn on the charm, throw them a few crumbs and presto, you have them. Scarborough is a typical statist political hack concerned with gaining and managing power to the benefit of the politician and the party, and, if the system is under attack by anti-statists, protection of the two party system. Scarborough and those like him protect the political establishment to the detriment of the private sector.

    This is what Republicans have to change. For the party to go out and make changes simply to win power, with no idea how to turn around the statist nightmare in DC created by central planning and a welfare/warfare State out of control, will only make matters worse and contribute to the madness. Morning Joe had on a representative from Georgia (his last name is Graves, I think, from Dalton Ga), and Scarborough buttered him up with his southern spiel, then put words in the representative's mouth to the effect that he knows, doesn't he, that Republicans will have to give on higher taxes through loophole elimination in return for promises to reform entitlements in the future. The representative went right past Scarborough's southern phoniness and said that the country already pays enough to the government, and now the government has to be brought under control. Scarborough moved along. Good for the Ga representative -- we need more like him in DC.

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