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    Obamacare: Teetering on the abyss

    The above NYT's article reports on the problems associated with the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. The deadline quickly approaches yet states are not ready, and consumers are unsure what to expect.

    Tom Price, Republican rep from Georgia, pinpointed one of the biggest problems -- consumers who are forced into the state exchanges who can't afford the payments yet don't meet the criteria to receive a subsidy. They can pay a fine, but what if they want insurance or can't afford the fine? There will be many, many Americans who complain through whatever routes are set up to accept and hear-out complaints, and representatives will be lobbied by those who're fighting for universal coverage to subsidize those who are in a gray area. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans will want to be the ones who say no.

    Obamacare is going to disconbobulate a healthcare system already disconbobulated by years of government interventions, so, unforeseen costs will arise through the healthcare system, while Congress and the administration wildly throw money at it in a desparate attempt to make it work. One of the main cost over-runs, though, as stated above, will be new subsidies for millions of Americans seeking insurance, but shut out of the current Obamacare arrangement. Obamacare is a government failure waiting to happen.

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