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    The Following's political statement

    Leftwing politics have infected every area of our lives, mainly because our media, even tv shows like The Following, are politicized, used as propaganda vehicles, even Fox shows. I don't think tv propucers get marching orders from the White House, but they don't need orders -- producers, directors and writers, for the most part, willingly spread Leftist propaganda. To them it's not Leftist propaganda, just the way things should be.

    On The Following last night, one of the main characters, Joe Carroll, the psychopathic, murderous, cult leader, was talking to his right hand man regarding kidnapping Carroll's estranged wife, and the right hand man had two armed men with him. Carrol asks if the men are ex-military, and his RH man tells Carroll that they're better than than military, they're militia, Constitutional extremists.

    Carroll shows some concern -- obviously the Constitutional extremists are too much for even the mad killer Carroll -- but his RH man assures Carroll they can be trusted. You wouldn't see two Black Panthers on such a tv show being used to help a psychotic killer, put in such a bad light to denigrate all the Left who've criticzed government lately or in the past. There's no evidence that Constitutional extremist groups are proliferating, causing a threat to government ot the public, yet media talk about this as if it's a reality.

    Expect this Constitutional extremist angle to be used often in media and the political class to smear Tea Partiers and anyone who's an anti-statist and isn't afraid to criticize government.

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