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    Debt doesn't matter -- Part II

    Limited government Conservatives and Libertarians are being pushed to the margins as the economy gets worse. Not enough Americans understand the principles of hard money, free markets and the necessity for government limits enough to realize why they should support those in government who advocate for economic liberty and limits on power. Progressives are winning the culture/class war and pop culture is more influential than political philosophies that a relative few understand. Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and Steven Colbert will influence more votes than Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Justin Amash.

    As the economy gets worse, it's good for Progressives who will frame Republicans as misers who protect the rich, penny pince and couldn't care less about the poor, the oppressed, the lagging middle class, women, the environment, so on and so forth. Progressives will continuously frame their agenda as a human agenda -- they're, of course, more concerned with employment, a healthy environment, gender equality and social justice than debt. Krugman and other economic experts will present charts and reasoning why debt and deficits don't matter. Once the public no longer cares, either, about the debt, and as they get anxious for job creation and economic growth, they will be ripe to submit to the Progressive plan for recovery. As I wrote earlier, National Healthcare will be pushed when Obamacare falls apart, and the State will push FDR type programs to put people back to work.

    A Progressive government can continue the deficit spending by making deals with China and India and Russia. Our sovereignty will soon be at risk. When Republicans stand up and warn about the debt and approaching unfunded entitlement liabilities, Progressives will show how their plan for economic growth will bring in more revenues, and how other we and other emerging countries are interdependent, and Progressives will convince the public that the wealthy have to pay more (not a hard sale). All this is already in progress -- it will only become more urgent as the economy gets worse. Progressives can't afford for the public to realize the truth about the economy-destroying nature of statism. Progressives will prod media, unions and all the special interest groups to take to the airwaves and streets to make the case. This could backfire on Progressives if they can't control the radical Leftist groups, but media is expert at putting the best face on Leftist protest. Van Jones and the troops are ready for the battle. It's coming to a head in 2014.

    As I've written, Progressives have the advantage because the State is gaining complete control of education, and media is still influential and on the side of Progressives and statism. The public becomes more pliable and apatheitc toward the Constitution as time goes on, despite the Tea Party reaction. The entertainment industry will do all they can to push the Progressive message, creating a sense of urgency. Progressives have to marginalize limited government and free market advocates. Once the Rand Pauls and Mike Lees are marginalized, Centrists will fold, telling the GOP establishment that the Republican Party might lose the House because of Tea Partiers, but this will finally shut the Tea Party down and allow the Republicans Party to prepare for 2016 or 2020. Centrists are the modern useful idiots. If the Rand Pauls and Mike Lees are marginalized, it's over. Progressives will control and change our government into a social democratic machine which will make a grand bargain with other nations to take the global "village" in a different direction. More later.

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