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    Morning Joe 5/3/2013 -- Gun control propaganda

    Joe Scarborough was conspicuously absent during this round of gun control propaganda on Morning Joe. If I had been revealed as a hypocrite flip-flopper on gun control I'd stay away from the argument, too. Mika, Donnie Deutsche, Stevie "Chartman" Rattner, David Gregory, Eugene Washington, Sam Stein and a few other dishonest liberals, however, spread the propaganda thick and heavy in Joe's absence.

    They played a short clip of Kelly Ayotte answering a question asked by someone at a townhall meeting in her state regarding her reasoning for voting against Toomey-Manchin -- Ayotte answered that the bill could allow a national registry. Everyone on Morning Joe refused to acknowledge any validity to the charge that Toomey-Manchin was worded either carelessly or carefully to open a path for a national registry by limiting the prohibition of creating a national registry to the Attorney General and all under his authority. This leaves other government agencies free to create a national registry, either a comprehensive registry or partial registries that could be combined. There are several legitimate problems with the Toomey-Manchin legislation that are discussed here and here.

    Did the knowledgeable analysts on Morning Joe address these concerns and present a cogent and well-resourced rebuttal? No, they stated that Ayotte is dishonest and that the reason she gave for opposing the legislation is a lie, that she opposed for political reasons. The knowledgeable analysts stated that Toomey Manchin specifically prohibits anyone from creating a national registry, while failing to acknowledge the concerns that opponents of the bill have put forth. The Morning Joe analysts acted as if Ayotte made up the concern out of thin air regarding the national registry.

    Surely these intelligent, knowedgeable insiders know about the problems with the wording in Toomey-Manchin, and even if they think the charges of sloppy legislation are bogus, they should have at least acknowledged the existence of the controversy and presented an intelligent rebuttal. Instead they leveled a personal attack against Ayotte like political hacks out to smear and marginalize their opponents. This is pure propaganda, and Morning Joe has sunk to a new low.

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