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    America's political divide

    Although the Left will rally around recent polls showing Obama at 48% approval, thus not harmed by the "scandals", it only means that the nation is divided, and almost half of the US will not turn on Obama no matter what happens as long as Obama represents to them continuance of Progressivisim and the welfare state. This is how media plays it, though -- a popularity contest.

    The Left is still determined to gain total control of government in 2014. The recent polls have been interpreted as a majority favoring Democratic control of the House. Democrats believe they can frame Republicans as over-reaching on issues like Benghazi. I'm sure Obama and company have laid out their strategy to marginalize Republicans and create many diversions to overcome any minor damage caused by investigations into the IRS or phone/mail spying.

    Democrats know they have at least 48% of the vote locked down, so all they have to do is find ways to use government to control information and use the federal feeding trough to buy enough extra votes for a majority. They might be right. America could be at the point that statism has gained enough dependents to control government and redistribute wealth without much resistance. Democrats have partnered with some key, big companies in the private sector so that SMEs are suppressed. Innovation will be kept to a minimum, because it's too disruptive. Large, government-connected companies will do well, but start ups and competitive small players won't have a chance the grow.

    There will be a large group of Americans who are taken care of by the government, because jobs will not be available. If Democrats gain majority control, they'll hire more public workers, but many Americans will be supported by welfare. Even with an infrastructure bank and infrastructure projects, when 30 million immigrants are legalized, they'll take these jobs, leaving millions of Americans permanently unemployed.

    What remains to be seen is how those already successful businesses, who create almost half the jobs currently in existence but aren't politically connected, will react to the new arrangements. These small and medium size businesses will be asked to support a heavy load, and their taxes will have to rise significantly. The Left laughs when some in society threaten to go Galt, but going Galt is a reality when there's no incentive to work hard and produce. If the backbone of production in the US breaks, then it's all over.

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