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    Up with Steve Kornacki 6/9/2013 -- Political parlor talk

    Steve Kornacki is not reaching the potential this weekend talk show promised any better than Chris Hayes reached the potential. The main reason is that Kornacki, like Hayes, insists on having guests like Josh Barro and Joan Walsh and other liberal/progressive types who talk about politics in ways to marginalize the Republican Party rather than provide enlightenment regarding today's most important issues.

    The world hardly needs another Democratic Party propaganda show on MSNBC. I hoped when I first watched Hayes on Up that an intelligent debate show would develope that's interesting and informative. Kornacki surely has pressure from MCNBC to use the show for political purposes, but it's a shame that these hosts don't push back and demand creative influence over content. Or, perhaps Kornacki is a partisan hack and that's all there is to know.

    This morning one of the main subjects was the immigration bill. This was a good opportunity to bring on a competent advocate for killing this bill and creating another bill that addresses the serious conflict between open borders in a welfare state. Barro addressed this problem, but he didn't say anything helpful, and surely nothing enlightening. Barro did what most squishy Centrist types do -- he said there are problems with open borders and a welfare state, although we should be able to create policy that deals with safety net concerns for immigrants made legal. Really? Like what? This is the emptiness in punditry that frustrates intelligent people -- Barro felt it necessary to please those in his social group by saying there can be policy to resolve the open border/welfare conundrum, but there isn't, except to secure the border and not allow newly legalized immigrants to access the welfare system willy nilly.

    No one on the show talked about fundamental problems and solutions -- they talked about political, symptomatic problems and solutions, while all the time placing all the blame on the Republican Party. None of Kornacki's guests seriously addressed the problems that will arise if the bill goes through without any real resolution made on border security or any restrictions on safety net access. These are un-serious light-weight thinkers who have political axes to grind, social groups to please and a political party to protect -- getting to the truth and understanding the fundamental problems don't much matter to them.

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