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    Paul Krugman is more ignorant than Jonathan Chait

    Jesse Walker at Reason marvels over the fact that Paul Krugman doesn't even question the central ideas of libertarianism or populism in his NYT's article that simply rejects libertarian populism.

    What I see here from Krugman though is another attempt to associate libertarianism with racism. Krugman claims that this movement wants to do nothing on the Right except attract whites who didn't vote last time or don't vote much at all.

    This is a despicable strategy on the Left. Krugman, Chait and other Leftist/Statists who reject Libertarianism with no good reasons to back their rejections are obviously out of ideas. Progressivism has led the nation to long term, high unemployment, more Americans falling below the poverty line and mind-blowing debt. Libertarian populism is a label designed by the likes of Krugman and Chait to associate libertarianism with a grassroots reaction to minorities, in other words, racism. It won't work. Libertarian ideas are especially helpful for minorities, because Libertarian ideas are good for the economy, and Libertarian ideas strike at the heart of the Merchant State which not only protects Big Corporations, as Walker states in his article, but destroys small business job creators and the opportunity for creative minorities to start businesses and compete without regulatory shackles.

    Krugman and Chait are threatened by liberty and a dynamic economy -- a free market threatens their precious State which is the only route they have to significance. Without Statism, the Krugmans and Chaits of the media world would likely find themselves unemployed as free market dynamism transforms media in America.

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