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    Our fiddling media

    There are many warning signs suggesting America's following the decline of Rome, but the hoopla surrounding Kate Middleton's pregnancy and the birth of her son is surely the clearest sign that media in the US is an unserious tool of government. From the Zimmerman trial to the Royal baby, media outlets are covering everything but the destruction of the Constitution by our government. Perhaps the public is fascinated by Royal babies, but with unemployment and underemployment at stubbornly high levels, I doubt the fascination is widespread. Media outlets don't seem to care about ratings, at least MSNBC doesn't appear to care, since their ratings are falling and they continue to present superficial news reports and propaganda.

    The major networks are no better. There's no top-notch investigative reporting on the IRS, Benghazi, NSA spying or any of the other abuses of power related to our statist/interventionist system of government. No one in major media is analyzing how the Constitution is affected by the expansion of government power and how interventions into the economy are hurting poor people and the middle class, yet, it's clear that government is the main cause of the extended slowdown in economic activity.

    No one in major media is doing hard-nose investigative reporting on the Afghanistan War or the other foreign interventions into places like Syria. These issues should be major news stories, yet only a handful of journalists are covering them, and they don't get top exposure. When forign interventions are covered, it's mainly just to spread the administrations's propaganda. Media outlets are presenting fluff and propaganda, that's all. History will record the sorry nature of media during this period, and it'll be shown that media are under the thumb of government, submissive and compliant -- disgraceful.

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