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    No, the economy is still bad 

    Regardless how much the administration wants to put a pretty face on a ghoul, it won't have any effect on the reality that the economy is still ugly. Part-time workers will not generate economic recovery, and that's about all that happened in June. Obamacare, despite the delay in the employer mandate still hangs over businesses like a sword that changes shape but remains dangerous all the same.

    I don't know when government officials will learn that if Obamacare's negative effects are forthcoming, delaying them for awhile will not trick employers into hiring. It's as if the administration thinks a delay of a year will cause businesses to hire, but why would they think this? Maybe the administration just doesn't want busineses to fire people before the 2014 elections, but, whatever, businesses will still adjust the number of employees to best suit their bottom line with the eventual effects of Obamacare in mind.

    This economy will not get better until major systemic changes are made, so all the tweaks, Federal Reserve manipulations, game-playing by the Obama administration and all the spinning in the world by media sorts, will have no lasting positive effects. Statists want so badly the ability to control the economy, but they don't have the ability to improve an economy that suffers from fundamental flaws.

    Free market principles will generate recovery, but we're so far from free market principles, I don't think the economy will recover to what it was years ago unless government is prohibited from interfering. Booms and busts are the best statists have to offer, but the busts are getting worse and the booms are more superficial and limited to the politically connected.

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