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    So Chris Christie is a conservative

    This is the strategy of Republican statists -- they think if they can identify a Centrist hero like Christie as a conservative that shields him from criticism. The crucial question is whether Christie is an interventionist or whether Christie will fight for limited government and a free market.

    Christie is an interventionist. Christie has already indicated that he'll use emotional tactics like "widows and orphans" to justify his interventions, rather than principles and explanations of how what's best for "widows and orphans" is the Constitution. Christie will bluster with hyperbole to get billions in aid for his state to pay for disasters, even if much of the tax payers' money is going for crony give-aways.

    This is the point -- regardless of whether you call Christie a Conservative are an aardvark, he's a statist who will expand the power of government and make decisions based on ad hoc expediency.

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