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    Debunking the Statist Narrative

    Americans have accepted the statist narrative for too long. Most Americans don't pay close attention to MSM, so they just collect bits and pieces of the narrative. When you ask the ordinary low-information American to describe the two political parties, they'll say Democrats care about the middle class and poor people while Republicans protect rich people, or some other simplistic cliched distinction. Those who pay attention to the political realm believe that the Democratic Party/MSM control the narratives.

    Because it's assumed that Democrats control media narratives, the DC establishment believe that the efforts of a few Senators to stop funding of Obamacare will backfire if government is shutdown when there's a stalemate over voting for continued government funding. For the Republican establishment this is a defeatist attitude that has caused the GOP to capitulate time and again. What's not fully understood in the political realm is that the Information Age has changed what's possible when it comes to informing the American people. 2012 might have been the height of Democratic Party media power and the end of it.

    The Democratic Party used the Information Age to deceive the American people, but it quickly backfired on them -- after fooling the American people, they couldn't keep the con going because the very thing that gave them power, the far-reaching power of information technology, was what revealed the corruption behind the marketing blitz. What the GOP has to do, now, is be honest. The few Senators who tell Americans that Obamacare will ruin healthcare and our economy will be rewarded, not punished, if they wisely use the Information Age to simply tell people the truth. The GOP establishment hasn't realized that manipulating information to fool the American people is not what they should emulate. The GOP establishment saw Obama's political machine put on a marketing blitz promising everything to everyone, so the GOP thinks now they have to emulate that strategy, to manipulate Information Age technology to impress Hispanics, women, the middle class, etc so that enough voters believe Republicans are better Statists than Democrats.

    Maybe the political strategists are right, but I don't think so. I believe the American people are looking for representatives and a President who are honest, who instill trust, who stop the endless inteventions and establish stable rules that are easily understood. I think people want political servants, not arrogant rulers. I think Americans want to know the facts about the economy. I think Americans want to stop the futile entanglements in the Mideast. Americans want a government system they can believe in and understand, and they want limits on power so they don't have to rely on trust in individuals. Americans want government less visible and less intrusive. They want government to do its job and stop the manipulations and spying and attacks on dissidents in an ongoing endeavor to expand power.

    Yes, there are many, many Americans who are dependent on government, but if they understand that government is going broke and that a free market will create jobs they can work at to end their dependence, most who are dependent will transition off government dependence. Society will find a way to help the truly needy, so there's no danger that Americans will ever allow the truly needy to suffer -- but if we're going to have well funded assistance programs, we must have a vibrant, growing economy that creates new wealth. In a free, vibrant, innovative economy, creative insurance arrangements can handle most of the safety net needs now being inefficiently and incompetently run by government.

    The narratives are changing.

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