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    If our President and representatives were honest

    Our economy is in a crisis, yet our President gives speeches talking about a "real" recovery. Obama says that some unfortunate few are not benefitting from the recovery, so he's going to create promise zones to assure these people get what they deserve. This is delusional. Obama will probably praise the fall in the unemployment rate, although 92 million people have dropped out of the workforce and we created only 74,000 new jobs in December.

    While Republicans will tell a reporter or tv host here or there that the economy has been damaged by Obama's policies, these Republicans aren't telling the whole story, and they aren't letting the nation know just how serious our economic problems have become. The truth is that establishment Republicans like Bush and McCain and Chambliss and Graham and the rest have participated in crippling our economy.

    We need to declare a state of economic emergency, then begin the process of removing the State from the economy. We have to let the private sector do what it does best, innovate, invest, create growth and generate new wealth and good jobs. The first order of business, and it will show that Obama and Republicans are serious, is to end all corporate welfare and declare the steps needed to create the environment for a free market. Once business people and investors know that the playing field is being leveled, perhaps then there'll be confidence among the honest players -- maybe then we'll see more real production and less financial manipulation with Monopoly money.

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