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    Google, Facebook and government spies

    There wasn't nearly as much outrage as there should have been over NSA accessing data from Google and Facebook and other companies. Perhaps we've received too much information regarding surveillance operations in too short of a time to process fully. We don't really know what all Google and Facebook have given the government. The companies have been told, no doubt, by government to keep quiet about their compliance to grant access to personal data.

    Google and these other companies are in a bind. When government makes a request, as a US company they feel compelled to comply, perhaps out of patriotic duty, or perhaps the companies comply out of respect, or perhaps the companies comply out of fear. You would think the management of at least one company would have refused, but it appears that government can get what they want from any private company in the name of national security.

    This revelation by Snowden is troubling, because it's so open to abuse. There has to be more oversight from our resentatives -- there has to be. We need an explanation and assurances that our personal information is not being misused by our government. You might make the argument that government has a right to the information -- if that's true, then we need to know so we can quit giving information to Google and Facebook and others if we expect and demand privacy. I don't buy the argument that because we give information to a third party there are no rules. Congress must hold hearings and put the management of Google, Facebook, etc, under oath. We need to know what information was accessed.

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