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    The Will to Create


    The Age of Obscurantism

    The Age of Information was so effective in revealing the flaws of interventionism, the State had to create a new Age of Obscurantism. Never has it been so important in the history of America for serious people to step forward and defend truth and reality. Intellectuals will tell you that truth is relative and perception is reality, and that's precisely why Americans are starving for the honest representatives.

    Government is lying to the American people in such blatant fashion, it's reminiscent of the horror stories we read about the USSR and Mao's China. Obama, Reid and Pelosi rammed through a healthcare takeover that's threatening to destroy healthcare in America as we've known it, and how do they respond? Reid calls all those liars who spoke out about the damage caused by ACA -- he said all the stories are made up. Pelosi said they had to pass the bill before we could know what's in it. Obama met with a comedian in a mock interview and made light of the law that's destroying healthcare coverage for millions of people. Obama is telling jokes hoping to fool young people while the reality is that to make ACA work young people will have to overpay for insurance they don't want or need, and they'll be forced by government one way or another to pay for it. Young people are in for a rude awakening when the truth is discovered and reality revealed.

    Government's spying on us and one another. The NSA, the CIA, and all intelligence agenices are out of control, yet those in charge lie and mislead. Edward Snowden revealed the extent to which NSA has violated the 4th Amendment, yet the political realm mostly chooses to damn Snowden as a traitor. The State has to destroy truth-tellers, so they attack Snowden and whistleblowers in Benghazi. They tell stories about video makers to hide the reality of a terrorist attack -- the State protectors lie and deceive and it's only a matter of time before their interventions send us into complete collapse.

    Republican moderates speak of a Big Tent and soft rhetoric and compromise when what we need is courage and fiery truth-telling. This is no time for common political strategy and two-party cooperation in a statist system that props up the status quo. We need revolutionaries. We need serious thinkers to articulate the grand ideas of liberty and justice. This is no time for political obscurantism -- this is time for honesty, courage and radical change.


    CPAC tells us a lot about Republicans

    Ted Cruz spoke to the group at CPAC about changing government. As I've written here a thousand times, we need representatives who truly protect our rights and abide by the Constitution. It's quaint, I know, but, nonetheless, we can't survive without individual rights and Constitutional limits. Representatives like Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul understand this concept of constitutionally limited government. Cruz said that Republicans have to stand on principles, and if the GOP continues to get behind the likes of McCain and Dole, deal-makers who operate according to political pragmatism and what's best for the maintenance of the political establishment, they won't win. McCain and all the other deal-makers, statists, insiders, power-mongers and progressives are concerned with power and control over the American people, finance, industry, energy, transporation, education, etc.

    Republicans like McCain, McConnell and Boehner pretend to promote limited government conservativism when they feel the heat, and they'll even give lip service to some aspects of libertarianism, but they're statists -- they make deals and compromise principles to maintain a place in the government power game. When confronted they'll say that governing is about the art of the deal, and that if they don't compromise they can't get anything done, and if conservatives want to play a part in developing policies according to conservative principles, then they have to wheel and deal at times. We all know what all this deal-making and compromising have gotten us -- government interventionism and a broken Constitution that's ignored. I won't go through the litany of consequences that come from government interventions -- you should know it all by now.

    While Cruz told the attendees at CPAC that we have to stand firmly on principles and limit government, Chris Christie said that while being principled is important, what's most important to the GOP is winning, so that Republicans can guide and mold society. Guide and mold society. This is the difference between the centrist/deal-maker/establishment GOP and the limited government conservatives. It's the difference between Christie wanting to win power in order to guide and mold society and Cruz who wants to eliminate the IRS, cronyism, corporate welfare, etc. and limit government power in general. When Christie said that principles are fine but the GOP has to win, what did he mean? Cruz wants to stand on principles and win by doing so. Christie is basically saying he has to compromise his principles in order to win. Cruz wants to win so that the all American people have their say within Constitutional limits, while Christie wants to guide and mold society.

    The choice is clear -- Republicans can nominate a McCain-like, deal-making, statist, power-monger who'll regulate and control like a Democrat and keep us bogged down in foreign interventions or Republicans can do something different and trust a principled, limited government campaign by nominating Ted Cruz or someone like him.


    Ted Cruz for President

    Ted Cruz is a breath of fresh air in Washington, DC. Cruz has taken more heat than anyone in Congress and he's still standing -- the good thing is he's standing on Constitutional principles in which he appears to believe. A President Cruz, if he follows through, will battle against corporate welfare and cronyism.

    I've written before, many times, about the need for Republicans to prioritize the elimination of corporate welfare and cronyism. Dealing with these problems first establishes seriousness, so that when Cruz and others promote a transfer of power to the private sector, it's not a transfer to government protected corporations. After the GOP proves they'll act against rent-seekers, even if they are powerful corporations and generous donors, Americans can believe again in limited government . I would like to think that the Tea Party has grown and matured to the point they influence voters and educate voters to a new understanding of participatory politics. If we can generate a true grassroots effort in 2014, then corporate donors aren't important.

    A President Cruz will be good for small businesses, and that's our economic future. America is sitting pretty for a new era of growth and innovation, but it'll be through economic freedom, not cronyism and statism. The only thing about a President Cruz that concerns me is his foreign policy ideas. I don't know what they are. I hope Cruz is cautious and sceptical when it comes to foreign interventions. I hope that Cruz promotes a strong defense, but isn't infected with the disease of neo-conservativism. I have a feeling that Cruz might bring innovation to foreign policy, representing an economically powerful America in the global economy, realizing that a strong American economy is vital to national security. One thing I hope a President Cruz realizes is that cronyism and corporate welfare exists in the military/industrial complex, and this might be the first place to look.

    It's important that America comes to terms with its War on Terror that's lasted over a decade. The State has manipulated people's fear of terrorist attacks, spreading propaganda, creating a surveillance state and violating rights at will under the guise of national security. As our government leaders have expanded the military/industrial complex and foreign interventions, they've made us weak economically and distrustful of government -- they've abused our troops. We have to balance national security with individual rights and Constitutional limits. We have to.  I think a President Cruz will do this.


    Let's not lose focus

    While media re-create the Cold War and Stalinize Putin so that Americans have a good News Movie to watch 24/7, and a old/new villain to hate and fear, it pays to resist this diversion and stay focused on what's really threatening America and the entire world -- State power, interventionism, socialism, dictators, militarism. If we get our house in order maybe we can inspire other nations to live freely and peacefully, but we're headed toward, or already bogged down in, the same socialist/statist/interventionist/militarist nightmare.

    All nations can do much better if they limit the power of government and learn to live in free cooperation with each other, reducing government to protectors of individual rights and borders. There will always be some nation or group of people who wish to do harm, but all serious, civilized, industrialized nations ought to be disgusted and completely overwhelmed with statist failures at home and the violent results of interventionism abroad. Developing nations should see what's happening and yearn for liberty and inclusion in free trade not controlled by super-power cronyism. Nations can cooperate and prosper in free trade just like individuals can cooperate and prosper in a free market.

    Ukraine is a regional problem -- America would send troops into Mexico if the current President of Mexico had been otherthrown by revolutionaries supported by South America, Cuba and Russia. Let's not lose sight of the bigger picture, because these conflicts are symptoms of fundamental problems, and until the fundamental problems of State power are dealt with, these symptoms will continue to appear and each intervention will cause more symptoms and more interventions and more symptoms and more... until WWIII breaks out and violent insanity returns that might not leave much at all standing.

    It's all the US can do right now to turn around our country and avoid complete collapse.


    Neo-Conservatives are deadly to GOP

    Although I have little faith in political parties, if we are to limit government and allow a free market, a political party must gain power to help make it happen, unless we're prepared for a revolution, which we aren't. The Democratic Party has no interest at all fighting for a return to Constitutional limits and economic freedom -- they're busy finding ways to expand State power and to regulate all freedom of choice out of the market.

    The only hope we have presently is if Constitutional/limited government conservatives and libertarians can inspire the GOP to dismantle statist control and eradicate interventionism. Historically, Americans were non-interventionists. Americans once understood that prosperity from economic growth is possible only with peace and rule of law. When laws are determined by political gangs -- when government intervenes in the economy at will -- when America is constantly engaged in foreign entanglements, it creates uncertainty and economic stagnation. Investors and entrepreneurs have to be able to plan long term, but constant interventionism by government makes planning impossible. Then all economic planning comes from government, which leads to economic collapse.

    For decades, Neo-Conservatives led the Republican Party to embrace interventionism, but after the collapse of 2007-2008, it became apparent that interventionism will destroy America -- some Republicans woke up. Now, as we watch Obamacare tear the economy apart even more, and as the entanglements in the mideast can no longer be defended, and as the NSA builds a Surveillance State that captures the information of all Americans, and as one corrupt scandal after another surfaces from statist manipulations, we're close to a cleansing of our political system -- then something like Ukraine happens and the neo-conservatives resurface demanding more foreign intervention because the world can't suvive without our hand in every regional conflict.

    There's nothing like a foreign conflict with freedom-fighters vs a bad guy to hide the flaws of the State and work up the people in a patriotic frenzy of good old American police action on the international scene. Remember the Arab Spring? Yes, just a few years ago. How has that turned out? Here we are again with drums beating and sabors rattling as we take out our frustrations on Putin and Russia. Hell, hardly anyone knows what Ukraine really wants, but we're ready to go save them. Is being a part of the EU a fight for freedom? They wouldn't even be full members. What foreign influences are in Ukraine stirring up discord for various political purposes?

    One thing's for sure -- if this lasts until the elections, or if another conflict can divert Americans' attention away from our political scandals and interventionist failures, Democrats and the Republican establishment might just keep the game going until we collapse totally. We need one party willing to stop the State from doing what it wants to do with no limits -- if neo-conservatives have their way, it won't be the Republican Party -- they've got nations to build and ignorant/weak foreigners to form in their likeness.