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    The Will to Create


    Don't hook your wagon to a falling star

    Websites like The League of Ordinary Gentlemen are interesting if you want get an idea what young political thinkers are up to these days. Their claim is to create an eclectic mix of ideas, just working it all out, an anti-ideological group of political thinkers from conservative to libertarian to liberal. In reality it's center, left of center, and left-left of center. Recently, their resident "libertarian", Mark Thompson,  bemoans the lack of wonkishness among conservatives:

    What they are not doing, and largely are not even trying to do, is to drive the GOP agenda.  They are, in effect, content to leave the GOP agenda as little more than “vote no on everything” and tear down whatever the liberals do.

    I can see where wonking is necessary at times, but we're in a dangerous situation where the missing art in government is to know when to wonk and when to stand on principles. It's naive to think the Democrat majority is going to allow Republican influence to substantially change any legislation they propose.

    Actually, to be fair to the Republicans, they have offered alternatives to the progressive onslaught, if you can call it an alternative. The fact is that the Republicans are being ignored by the Democrat majority. The Republicans are being framed as obstructionists, as if this is a bad thing. The implication from the critics is that the Republicans ought to be helping the Democrats craft better legislation. Well, like I said, they have tried, but it fits the left's narrative if the Republicans are seen as rightwing obstructionists with a few good moderates crossing the line to help the cause. 

    Here is an article from the New Majority -- David Frum's effort to work with the system in order to influence the process. Pseudo-intellectuals have historically gotten this wrong -- from Stalin to Hitler to Mussolini to Mao -- but, of course, what's happening in America will pale in comparison to the carnage caused by these madmen -- however, what the broad-thinkers miss is the ideology driving these movements. It's all some form of socialism that inevitably goes awry, because central planning is antithetical to our human nature. People flourish in freedom, having choices, not by central planning and social engineering.

    Anyone who can't see that the current progressive efforts to centrally plan the economy and engineer society to a predetermined end is blind, purposefully or through ignorance. The idealistic stance that progressives are ready and willing to work with conservatives to find win-win compromises for the betterment of all concerned is naive in the extreme. Progressives have no intentions to work with conservatives -- they are bent on marginalizing conservatives and libertarians and sensible liberals so that their agenda can transform the country into an American version of socialism. Progressives temporarily have the power, and the mistaken idea that reasonable people will prevail if they get in their wonk-groove is beyond naive, it's a dangerous capitulation. Reasonable people will prevail if they eliminate all progressive/statist influence from government.

    A lot of writers have a lot to answer for when they continuously promote  a dishonest narrative. I've watched more news shows than I've wanted to watch, and I've seen interview after interview with one Republican or another stating what they think is best for healthcare and the nation, yet the narrative is that Republicans have only opposed the Democrat plans. No, the Republicans have foolishly tried to influence the process, but the system is broken. This has to be a co-ordinated campaign of disinformation, given the fact the narrative is so widespread and consistent. I would expect more free-thinking from young minds like those that pontificate at The League of Ordinary Gentlemen. The New Majority I can understand, being lead by someone entrenched in the D. C. culture.


    This is the journalism everyone wants to protect?

    I think all these "journalists" who repeated this vicious smear against Rush Limbaugh should resign or be fired. Of course they won't resign or be fired -- they'll go on to smear some more. The left is imploding, and the world is watching.


    Inspirational Quote # 42

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

     Joseph Goebbels quote


    How stupid can the White House be? Anita Dunn?

    I watched the video played on Glenn Beck's Fox show today of Anita Dunn saying one of her favorites philosophers is Mao while she was speaking to high schoolers.

    Holy crap, and just as I am reading Paul Johnson's book Modern Times. Mao? I can understand a sophomore at Berkeley saying this, but a White House employee in charge of communications? As Beck said, she might as well have claimed "Hitler" as a favorite philosopher.

    This is becoming a nightmare. Also, she seemed freaky -- I don't know what it was about her, but as she was speaking on this video, with her tongue darting out like a snake, it gave me a weird feeling -- I'm just saying.


    Moderate second-thoughts and fence-straddling

    I've also noticed (related to my last post, regarding what I've recently "noticed"), albeit subtle, a sort of back-pedaling among moderates and liberals. The back-pedaling is also a form of rationalization, and it goes something like -- "The conservatives/libertarians have all these criticisms regarding progressivism, but they aren't wonkish, and they're not doing the political foot-work necessary to get policies changed, therefore, their intellectual excercises are useless."

    This to me, especially from the moderates, is a way to avoid committment and to accept that progressivism is a deadend street. They are subtlely acknowledging that the criticisms are valid, but they can't committ because the power still lies with progressives who have spent years organizing, winning elections and putting together the policy strategies that are now "inevitable" -- so, all that the conservatives/libertarians are left with is spitting and fuming, and the moderates don't want to be seen as spitters and fumers.

    It speaks to our problems with government, and the mindset of moderates, that the most wonkish are in power, and that this is somehow admired. Government is not supposed to be about manipulating the system to gain state power over the private sector -- so, first of all, this shows a serious need to limit government. Secondly, it shows a blindness to the danger of what the progressives are doing and a wrongheaded fatalism that the progressives will prevail -- and that the Republicans must become like the Democrats in order to manipulate the system back to their form of power. This will not become a battle for power between the two parties, it will become a battle in which the private sector will punish both parties and limit government power.

    The only question is -- will the private sector limit government before a complete crash, or after?