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    The Will to Create


    If you're not a part of the solution, then...

    A lot of people are worried about the extreme rhetoric coming from the right. They think it's even more extreme than false accusations of racism from the left against Rush Limbaugh, so it must be bad. I also keep hearing that the information from the right is false, but I don't see any proof, except the silly responses to hyperbole. Perhaps part of the problem is that the left understands hyperbole only when they use it, but not when it's used against them.

    Those of us who don't consider ourselves either right or left have a choice in deciding who is most correct when evaluating all the rhetoric. I choose the right after much evaluation. I can find very little I agree with from the left these days, except maybe with the faction which wants to end the wars, but even then the reasons for ending the wars are likely different. I believe that politics have interfered with war efforts, and since that's the case, I say end the wars. Plus, I no longer trust the assessment from government regarding threats to our national interests. We haven't been attacked since 9/11, and since the enemy can no longer be found and eliminated, it puts our troops in a bad situation. I don't want our country to spend money and lose lives to rebuild and protect Afghanistan -- I don't think we have the support or cooperation of the Afghani people.

    Everything else coming from the left seems counter-productive to a healthy, prosperous, vital and free America. From the pseudo-science of global warming to the healthcare reform, the left pushes policies and regulations which will violate individual rights and bankrupt the country.

    If I have a problem with the right, it's that there's not enough resistance to the left's policies and regulations. It seems that one possibility is for the private sector to push the Republican Party back to sanity in order to avoid collapse and a long period of stagnation and high unemployment. The Democrat Party is unravelling, and it's obvious that they've pushed for changes which are destructive to our country, and will continue to do so -- now is the time for the Republican Party to develope a plan to turn it around -- it's now or never.

    One of the first courses of actions should be to end all corporate welfare, so that small businesses are strengthened to compete in an open and free market. Then, offer tax breaks to small businesses so that they can grow and start hiring. Scrap the heathcare reform plans offered by the Democrats and institute free market solutions to healthcare -- scrap cap and trade. Rescind all irrational regulations regarding drilling for oil. Phase out Social Security with private retirement plans. Begin the transfer of public education to private education. We need a ten year plan to transfer the welfare state to private assistance organizations.

    We need Constitutional amendments to close the loopholes dealing with public welfare and interstate commerce, clarifying the limitations of government. Make spending cuts a top priority and eliminate every government program which is useless and a drain on tax revenues -- give this money back to the people in the form of tax cuts, then implement a plan to end income taxes after the cuts take place.

    This is a start, and it's necessary to do these things if our country is going to survive and thrive in the 21st century. So, for all those people worried about extreme criticism with no proposals for solutions -- these are mine. Anything less is piddling at the cusp. I have little faith the Republican Party will offer these changes, so, if I'm correct, it brings us to the only other solution -- a third party revolution.


    Thank God we saved Goldman Sachs

    Well, my business, and other small businesses like mine, might be going bust, but at least Goldman Sachs is making a bundle -- and that's what's important. Let's hear it for the Goldman Gang! Mmm, mmm, mmm!


    Tom G. Palmer is right

    Libertarians will have to get their hands dirty if we're ever going to influence major change. Libertarian politicians can be forgiven if once in the thick of politics they have to make compromises in order to move forward -- if the compromises are not on vital principles -- and all politicians are going to get mud on them. Libertarian politicians need to know their time has come and that they will have to play the political game until the day when games are no longer necessary. As long as the libertarians don't lose their way, and can still be improved by criticism, then we have a shot at becoming politically viable and powerful.


    The battle against insurers continues

    Chuck Schumer is a weasal and a hypocrite. Yes, when he wants to use government over-reach as a weapon, he uses it, but he misses the point by a mile, because his only purpose is to strike at insurers. Schumer says the anti-trust exemption awarded to insurers was a mistake and has been a big cause of rising costs. Government created the state insurance monopolies by not allowing insurance to be sold across state lines!

    So, Mr. Schumer, allow insurance to be sold across state lines. When asked about this on Fox, he hem-hawed and said he was for competition, but then caught himself when it seemed like he was promoting sales across state lines, and instead he said that companies like Aetna were selling in multiple states under different state guidelines, but they were creating a monopoly. What Schumer fails to admit is that smaller companies can't open up offices in every state and meet all the government requirements that favor big companies.

    If Schumer wants to do something principled and good for competiton, he will push to allow all companies, large, medium and small, to compete without government interference -- then I could get online and search the nation for the best insurance policy -- and companies wouldn't have to waste so much money due to the irrationality of regulations which add to the price of a policy.


    The healthcare war against rights

    When Hillary Clinton designed her Rube Goldberg healthcare plan the reaction was short and not so sweet -- there was a resounding "WTF!" and it was over. Plus, when Hillarycare was designed, it was done in the cover of darkness so that the nation was spared the daily spectacle of cronyism, deal-making, incompetence, back-stabbiing, and the general inanity of the effort.

    With the present reform, and with the information age going into high gear, we're inundated with the ugliness of government central planning and the stark reality of myopic special interests. Politicians, the media and academics have denigrated capitalism for many decades now as a failed system which cannot address the greater good of the many and only benefits the powerful few. You can be assured that what we see now in the healthcare debacle is not capitalism -- it's statism and the process of socialization.

    Capitalism has never promised that businesspeople will act in some ideal fashion of perfect competition. Most people who understand capitalism realize that systems are important, and that capitalism is not about individual businesses or individual business people, it's about a system where businesses fail or succeed based on how well they provide what consumers desire, and by how well businesses are managed to deliver products and services and to maximize profit. Capitalism requires freedom from government interference, except when government interferes to prevent any violation of rights. The economic system of capitalism depends on the basic, individual rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. If these basic rights aren't protected, then you can't have capitalism. This makes capitalism, above all else, a moral system, even if practiced by some immoral players. However, if government is doing its job protecting the public from coercion in any form, then the bad players are weeded out -- the only way bad players can survive is if they are protected by government. 

    The economic system under which we presently operate is not capitalism -- it's what I call State Marketism. The State is managing the economy through laws and regulations which have less to do with protection of individual rights and more to do with picking winners and losers and socializing losses of favored businesses and industries. Government interference and protection have allowed large enterprises to survive which in a capitalist system would have failed -- GM is a prime example. Now, politicians are preparing to kill off some businesses while co-opting others to work for State purposes.

    Since State Marketism is the new system, businesses are scrambling to position themselve as winners, or to at least get some scraps thrown their way. In the healthcare reform process, drug companies, physicians, hospitals, insurance companies, unions and consumers are forced to fight for the best deal to protect their interests. Government holds the power to choose winners and losers, and in the process individual rights will be violated. As a nation we are dangerously close to embracing and finalizing the acceptance of an idea which has infected and slowly killed the capitalist system -- individual rights take a backseat to the greater good (whatever that is decided to be by whatever gang is in power).

    Protection of individual rights has always been the core of the American Experiment, but for years individual rights have become less important than what politicians determine to be best for the "people" -- or is it what's best for the State?

    Members of congress are going forward with their healthcare plan, despite opposition from the public, making deals with the drug industry, trying to satisfy the unions, attempting to co-opt the physicians, and developing plans to squeeze the insurance companies -- the whole healthcare industry is balkanized into warring groups. The jungle and guerilla war of capitalism, as the left is disposed to frame it, are nothing compared to what the State has created with its power to coerce and violate rights -- what we're entering now is unbearable -- it's a war against life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.

    Let the free market handle healthcare