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    The Will to Create

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    Obamacare deceit

    It's fashionable in the media to marginalize Michelle Bachmann, and so many people have heard about her radical stances and evil positions from the media, that no one is listening as she sounds the alarm over 105 billion in funding hidden throughout the gargantuan healthcare bill.

    In our Team Red and Team Blue politicized society, if Bachmann is sounding the alarm all liberals and libertarians should automatically dismiss her as a right-wing crank -- that's the game, right?. This is not about Michelle Bachmann, and everyone who is passively allowing the Democrats to steam roll America with this healthcare bill will one day regret it. The bill is a combination of cronyism, socialism, partisan ignorance, statist incompetence and a power grab. The nation, and many frightened Republican, are sitting by afraid to support someone like Bachmann, who is doing all she can to warn the nation about the particulars of this bill.

    Look, perhaps Bachmann has made hyperbolic statements, and perhaps if I knew all that she believes, I'd had problems with some of it, but that is true of every politician who speaks often in public, including Obama, Biden, McCain, McConnell, Boehner -- all of them. What I won't do is ignore the message just because the fashionable thing to do is criticize Bachmann. America has to grow up and face these problems created by an out of control power grabbing government. As we're drowning in debt, and as the Republicans have crowed so loudly about cutting back spending and tackling entitlements, Democrats are surreptiously spending billions to destroy healthcare, and Bachmann is the only one with the courage to call it what it is. Sometimes I believe America doesn't deserve to be free.