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    9/11 reflection

    I've had enough of 9/11, to be truthful -- media is wearing it thin. The victims should be remembered, but this vicarious tragedy-wallowing is getting old. 

    I have one short reflection -- it's that 9/11, ironically, calls for a doctrine of non-intervention. The less we involve ourselves in the business of other nations, the more free we'll become to peacefully attend to our business at home. I understand the mindset that claims Islamist radical hate our very existence, but it's suicide for any mideast group or nation to attack us just because of pole-dancing, McDonalds and big cars. I don't believe the threat of terrorism is anywhere near what government projects, and the threat will be much less if we bring our troops home and build a better intelligence and homeland defense system.

    As I said in another forum, we should celebrate 9/11 with a Mardi Gras style Freedom Bash -- the NYers who died would approve, I'm sure.


    What to make of Mark Steyn's article

    I understand the sentiment -- remembrance of 9/11 shouldn't turn into national cultural diversity lessons, and we shouldn't forget the real mean and women involved in the real and deadly attack. And we shouldn't forget that there are terroists willing to kill innocent people to promote their bigoted ideology.

    America has plenty of flaws to deal with, but in comparison to radical Islamists we certainly have no reasons to buckle in humility and grovel in moral relativism. We do need to deal with our flaws, however, and foreign intervention is a major flaw we can no longer afford to ignore. In some respects, when we intervened in the Iraq/Iran War, and when we intervened in the Russia/Afghanistan War, we created casues which led to effects. Throughout our history, from WWI and post WWI to WWII and post WWII, to Vietnam to all the other interventions and Super Power nation-arranging and Dictator-picking we've created many unintended consequences.

    So, a part of 9/11 remembrance, after we've acknowledged the heroes who risked their lives dealing with the attack and the victims who lost life for no sane reason, we should also take the time to strengthen our resolve to demand that America tend to the business of America and leave other countries to deal with their business. If attacked, or if we uncover a planned attack, we should act with swift and great force, but let's not turn 9/11 into perpetual military hyper-vigilance which keeps us bogged down in political wars in the mideast. Our military deserves better management. Let's not roll over, but rather roll on home and build a superior defense.