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    Morning Joe 3/26/2012 -- Prickly Rick is making ads for the Democrats

    On Morning Joe today they started out with a video clip of Prickly Rick Santorum saying that Romney is the worst Republican possible to run against Obama, but when he was confronted by media whether he really means this, Prickly Rick got prickly and said he meant regarding the healthcare issue. Santorum is a joke, and only because social conservatives are prominent in the south does he stay anywhere close to Romney, but it's only a few states that the social conservatives can out-organize other Republicans, so Santorum is screwed in the rest of the nation except Pennsylvania -- his home state.

    Scarborough once again made a big deal about Romney's weakness in the south. As I've said, this is only the last gasp of the Statist Social Conservative Right. The organization of the churches in the south overpowers ordinary Republican voters who are busy trying to make a living and aren't that focused on presidential politics at this point. Once it becomes a general race between Obama and Romney, the south will reject Obama and vote for Romney. Scarborough knows this, so why does he pretend that the GOP is in trouble in the south?

    It was reported that an Afghan soldier killed two NATO troops. This situation in Afghanistan is untenable. Graham/McCain/Leiberman have stated lately that we should stay the course. Well, they don't have to worry about the people they are training killing them at any moment. We've spend yearsw training the Afghan soldiers to take over their own security, and now they are killing our troops. This is insane, and it's criminal to keep the troops in this situation any longer.

    They also talked about Obamacare with David Walker and the upcoming court decision on the mandate. Scarborough said it will be better for Democrats if the court strikes down Obamacare. Holy cow -- politics are only about perception and winning. If Democrats don't care about their signature accomplish, what was all the hoopla about -- does anyone in DC have a principled core?

    It's like Scarborough praising the New Deal a while back, then recently calling himself a "small" government conservative concerned with spending and too much government power. Whatever.


    Morning Joe 3/20/2012 -- Time to focus

    On Morning Joe today the major topics covered were Romney/Santorum in Illinois, Afghanistan and Medicare/budgetary concerns. A lot of regulars were on -- Heilemann, Halperin, Eugene Washington, Tina Brown, etc. Paul Ryan was on to talk about his new budget and Gene Sperling was on to support Obama's healthcare plan as it relates to Medicare savings.

    Regarding Romney and Santorum, it's obvious that Scarborough is running out of steam with the Santorum, Underdog story, although Scarborough must have said ten times that GOP voters don't like Romney. Romney is winning, has gotten way more votes and has twice as many delegates, it doesn't matter how much voters like Romney, are turned on by him, whatever -- Romney is winning and has the best chance to beat Obama. For me, though, it's not just about beating Obama -- it's about systemic changes in government, and I don't care how the changes come about as long as they come about. I'm more concerned with economic liberty and an empowered private sector than I am which political party wins -- however, since we've given government so much power, it's necessary to go through government to demand limits on power, and I believe Romney and the Republicans are the best chance to get that done, and that's a slim chance. This shows how screwed up the system has become. Ron Paul would be the best chance, but he has no path to win and little support within government. Paul can influence Romney, though, and I think he has already. One reason so many Republicans wanted Santorum and Gingrich to stay in the race was to Paul from gaining influence, so unless the GOP can resolve the split between statists and anti-statists, even a Republican win might not be enough.

    Paul Ryan is one representative in DC who is trying to make the changes necessary to avoid financial collapse. Sperling came on to say that Obamacare has cut Medicare, although Scarborough rightfully said that Obamacare cuts Medicare only to create another entitlement program to take up the slack --  the costs of entitlements under Obama go straight up. It will take a combination of Ryan-like costs savings and economic growth. Hopefully Romney will be able to liberate the economy enough for the private sector to create economic growth. The Romneys and Ryans and Pauls in government are our last hope, in that they can roll back statist gains.

    Also, we have to end the mideast wars. If Republicans can do all this, they will be in power for decades to come. If Republicans fail, we are in for financial collapse and complete loss of freedom as we've known freedom.


    Morning Joe 3/19/2012 -- Prickly Rick Santorum shows his arse

    Even when Morning Joe hosts were trying to help Santorum get exposure and explain why he's not going to use government power to forcefully implement his religious principles, Prickly Rick turned on them. Having Santorum on right before Illinois was a big favor in itself, but when Scarborough gave Santorum a softball question regarding the birth control issue and the Catholic reaction, Santorum basically accused Scarborough of trying to frame Santorum as a religious fanatic. Scarborough was taken aback and didn't really know how to respond, so he sent a clear signal by bragging on Prickly Rick's ability to come from 2% to be a major challenger. Prickly Rick accepted that unqualified praise, I think -- he smiled, anyway.

    You know, there are a lot of people in media, like Scarborough, who are biting their lips as they boost Santorum in order to suppress Romney. If it ever works and Santorum is the nominee, these media wolves will eat the flesh from Santorum's bones.

    Earlier in the program, after the appropriate daily dissing of Romney, the Morning Joe crew discussed Afghanistan, and I give Scarborough credit for being clear on this issue. I have admired Scarborough's consistent position of leaving Afghanistan. Like I've said, though, the test is whether a person believes that mideast/foreign intervention in general has failed and will always fail -- I say it will, but I'm not sure that all those who now see the futility of Afghanistan will apply that principle of non-intervention to other countries and regions. If we don't apply a general doctrine of non-intervention, the problem is that we'll start another Afghanistan in another country when enough interventionists in DC think this time it's the right thing to do. It's how we always get bogged down-- this time will be different -- this is the "good" war -- this is for the "innocent" citizens.

    Getting back to Prickly Rick, it was humorous this morning watching Scarborough hold back when Santorum attacked Scarborough for doing Santorum a favor. Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd and the others seems baffled also. Yes, if Santorum becomes the nominee, he better watch out, because he ain't seen nuthin' yet.


    Meet the Press 3/18/2012 -- Non-interventionism

    I understand that no one wants to admit that libertarians have been right on foreign policy, but at least the conversation is taking place about leaving Afghanistan.

    David Gregory interviewed John McCain this morning on Meet the Press, and it was striking how out of place McCain appeared with his interventionist position. McCain would have the US keep a presence in Afghanistan permamnently through a military base. McCain would have the US leading an effort against the Assad government in Syria, leading to more pressure on Iran, which McCain would bomb if Iran didn't surrender and fall before the US pressure.

    The American people knew what they were doing when they rejected McCain -- if only they had rejected Obama, too. Staying in Afghanistan, leading an attack on Syria and escalating the tensions with Iran all make up the absolute wrong direction for our country. Not only should we stop intervening because the mideast countries should handle their own affairs, but, also, because we're broke -- we can't afford to be the Guiding Light of the Universe. The more we intervene in the mideast, the more the countries of that region will work against us and deceive us and use us and eventually break us.

    The round table with Wes Moore, Bob Woodward, and a few others held basically the same conversation, except they concentrated only on the symptomatic problem in Afghanistan. The fundamental problem is a doctrine of interventionism -- this has to change. The roundtable members weren't clear, but they all appeared to accept the futility of continuing what we're doing. At one point there was implications made that a draft would make long term war more fair by investing more people in the wars. A draft would be a great leap from soft tyranny to hard tyranny, and it would only give the State more fodder to conduct wars. The idea is that the rich and powerful would be less eager to go to war, but the result would be that some people receive favors, while many are ordered like slaves to sacrifice their lives for the State.


    Up with Chris Hayes 3/17/2012 -- Ezra Klein's form of propaganda

    Chris Hayes was missing this morning, and Ezra Klein substituted for Hayes. Klein is a clever partisan hack, but his propaganda doesn't hold up well against smart grownups who know the issues. I've seen Klein become prickly as a guest on other shows when his clever partisan tricks don't work against someone armed with facts and the intellectual power to make Klein look silly.

    The panel started out discussing Afghanistan and the history of war strategy in that country, with Spencer Ackerson and Elise Jordan leading the conversation. Surge or no surge, concentrating on al Qaeda or the Taliban, focusing on inner cities are cities on the Pakistan border, the real issue is that we should never have spent 10 years in Afghanistan, and we should leave right away. Until we raise the conversation to the level of inteventionism versus non-interventionism, all this smart insider talk about the wars is nothing but chatter which avoids the fundamental problem -- out role as police in  international affairs. The idea that we're still trying to prevent another 9/11 is ridiculous.

    Next, Klein talked about his recent NYT's article regarding the failure of presidential speeches to influence policies or inspire the public to embrace a particular vision. This is Klein's contribution to the narrative that congress has blocked progress and a president can only do so much. Of, course, media have prepared the public to associate obstacles in congress with Republicans.

    The Left has it set up where they can acknowledge some of the Right's complaints, but they claim the Right is using legitimate problems to attack women and Hispanics, and, thus, they are running off independents. Of course, to win, Obama needs women, Hispanics and independents, but it's just coincidental that these are the groups Republicans are attacking. Strange, isn't it?

    At least no one was hurt by dangerous ideas being flung about -- there were no dangerous ideas, just boring technocratic management of perceptions in order to convince people that voting for Republicans will be a blow against women, minorities and clear headed independents.