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    Egypt and our failed interventionist policies

    It didn't take very long for our intervention in Egypt during the Arab Spring to turn into an Arab nightmare with Obama now seen in Egypt as the protector of a tyrant, plus Obama has placed the US against Christians in that region.

    I don't know how much more our nation can take --  these government interventions and meddling and social engineering and power-mongering in general are tearing us apart, killing our economy and ruining relationships with other nations. We can maintain a superior defense system with a policy of non-interventionism, and we can maintain relationships with other nations much better if we stop manipulating to the world to fit some Progressive vision that's not even working at home.


    Progressive intellectuals snookered again

    It makes one wonder why we call the likes of Rick Stengel an intellectual, because not much thought goes into their refusal to condemn those who promote despotism.


    The American Left and the Arab Spring

    As the Left continues to berate Republicans for being so optimistic regarding Romney's election chances here at home, they forget how they passionately praised the Arab Spring uprising in Eqypt as cooler headed sceptics warned that the Muslim Brotherhood is more wintery than springish.

    Morsi is a dictator, and the entire region is structurally and intellectually designed for tyranny. Until there is a grassroots movement to institute economic freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, property rights, etc, there will one dictator after another with civil wars in between.


    Up with Chris Hayes 9/23/2012 -- Libya and Egypt ande the moderate uprising

    On Up with Chris Hayes during the first part of the show a panel of mideast experts talked about how to understand the nuances of the mideast and how to appreciate the moderate backlash against radicals. Just as our government is too quick to spin a narrative of the mideast in spontaneous turmoil, so too is it premature for the wind-up pundits to spin a narrative about moderates. I suspect that leaders in Libya and Egypt realized that America is sick of sending money to an area which is, to a large part,, so irrational, violent, intolerant and unstable, so a few groups were assembled to enact a resistance to the radical groups.

    Hayes and the guests were talking about the Muslim Brotherhood leadership as if they are becoming moderate now that they have a country to run. The Narrative being pushed on Hayes' show is no doubt intended to complement the administration's characterization of the Arab Spring as equivalent to the falling of the Berlin Wall. At least Obama and gang and MSNBC have comic value.

    One guest was seriously explaining how moderates are now fighting against radicals, and how there is a significant split in the mideast between moderates who want to liberalize and radicals who want Sharia law. That's all fine, but it's there business. I wish them well, but America should not be involved at all -- not at all -- except as a cheerleader from afar chanting go freedom fighters, go. We should let them know that when the moderates win and a viable market is developed, we'll be glad to peacefully trade with them, goods, services, culture, knowledge, etc, like civilized people do in modernity.


    Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood and Glenn Beck

    I wonder when David Brooks, Bill Kristol and other Really Smart Republicans will apologize to Glenn Beck for calling his ideas wacky when Beck predicted the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood during the Arab Spring.