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    The Will to Create

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    Morning Joe 7/22/2011 -- Boehner/Obama compromise

    Morning Joe is getting harder to watch, and by the expressions on the faces of some guests, like Joe Conason and Sam Stein, it's getting harder for the guests to participate. Joe Scarborough missed his calling as a professional clown -- he uses verbal horns, whistles and twirling ties to keep attention on himself. In between Joe's clown act, they did manage to discuss the possibility that Boehner and Obama have crafted a compromise to raise the debt ceiling. I'm through with the day to day analysis, because whatever is crafted will be insufficient. In reality America is headed for financial collapse, and our statist system is set on automatic -- at this point, the spending can't be truly cut -- we can only delay the day of reckoning.

    Reality will force us all to sacrifice at some point, but it won't be until outside forces inject economic sanity and discipline into the political fantasy world in Washington DC. There's a form of insanity which drives the current political battle in DC, and this insanity has consequences. Reality always wins, even if in the political realm image pays off in the short run. The positive result of financial collapse will be that the nation understands statism's fatal flaws -- whether we do anything to change the statist system is another matter, but everyone will understand. It might get to the point that no amount of system tweaking will work -- then perhaps we can reset. Or as Joe would say -- Bonk Bonk, whistle, Har Har, Wheeeee, Look at Me, Look at Me!