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    The Will to Create

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    Jeb Bush is the last person Republicans need to support

    Jeb Bush said that immigrants aren't really breaking the law -- they're illegal border crossing and illegal residence in America is an act of love. They're doing it for their families. That's it -- that's Bush's position regarding 11 million people, of which millions could wind up on American welfare that will crush an already broken system. If Bush could explain that a free market and limited government would allow a much more liberal immigration policy, it might be different, but he explains nothing -- he chooses emotionalism over reason and ideas. Making this 11 million legal also represents the potential for a voting block that could enable Democrats to maintain a permanent majority, giving progressivism the boost it needs to survive -- and, again, that's due to the government feeding trough.

    It's this cowardly centrism, Republican statism, and political pandering that makes Bush anathema to libertarians and limited government conservatives. Bush acts as if the ideology of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz is distasteful. Bush wants to be "joyful", as if Paul and Cruz aren't joyful with their points of view. Bush implies that Paul and Cruz and the others are bitter and angry, thus dividng the GOP even wider and deeper. Bush is concerned with winning, he says, not spouting negative vibes and wielding the sharp sword of ideology. Jeb Bush obviously believes that Common Core, more government intervention, is the answer to the problems caused by previous government interventions in education. Bush wants to separate himself from the revolutionaries -- Bush is a conservative in the old sense of the word, one who seeks to maintain the status quo of centralized power. Bush senior is a good man by all accounts, but he was and is a dyed in the wool statist. The liberty movement scares the likes of Bush, whose whole life has been enmeshed with government -- the Bush's seek security over freedom, control and planning over creative/cooperative emerging order in a free market.

    Bush implies he can win, but why? For what? Voters will look for someone they think can relieve the effects of economic stagnation, and there's no reason to believe that voters blame Democrats for the economic stagnation. Voters could fall for the Democrats' narrative that Republican obstructionism and austerity have blocked economic growth. What's needed are politicians who can explain why the economy is stagnant. the sharpest of distinctions have to be made between progressivism and constitutionalism. We need someone who can make understandable the differences between Keynesian economics and Austrian economics, interventionism and a free market, statism and limited government. We don't need Jeb Bush talking in vague generalities with a goofy grin on his face as Hillary Clinton eviscerates Republicans for blocking infrastructure spending and a mininum wage hike. We need someone who can explain why "investment" spending shemes and minimum wage hike and expanding food stamps and extending unemployment aren't the answers to a stagnant economy.

    We need a presidential candidate who can explain why businesses are uncertain about the future, why Obamacare can never work, and therefore can't be fixed by more central planning and social engineering. We need someone who can explain why the myriad regulations from Obamacare and Dodd-Frank and the EPA make long-term planning and compliance impossible for many small and medium size businesses which aren't politically connected. We need someone who can explain why the military/industrial complex has to be brought under control while assuring Americans that our defense is capable of fending off all modern threats without destroying our individual rights. We need someone who inspires people to take back power and responsibility and start producing and prospering once again. We need someone who seeks to limit the power of government, not expand government power. We need someone who can take on the welfare state and entitlements by promising to call on insurance companies to come up with alternatives to the government safety net. We need someone who will break the teachers' union and fight for private education. We need someone who will finally confront the Federal Reserve, the EPA, the IRS, the NSA and all the other government fiefdoms that seems to answer to no one. We need someone who understands the language of liberty and has the guts top speak it. We don't need someone with a five point plan to "fix" the economy -- we need someone who understands that economic growth and new wealth will come from a free market, if it comes. We need someone who can explain free market principles, and intelligently and forcefully answer all  attacks on free market principles. We need someone in government who knows how to let go of power. We don't need Jeb Bush.


    Morning Joe 8/2/2011 --Squishy centrist with no center

    On Morning Joe today Joe Scarborough represented the worst of the politics. Scarborough praised Mitch McConnell, Joe Biden, John Boehner and Harry Reid for being "leaders" and getting a deal done, then challenged the representatives who voted no on the debt ceiling deal to explain their no votes when the "full faith and credit" of the US was on the line (If they don't have the words, they can borrow from Obama's speech when he voted no on raising the debt ceiling under Bush). Scarborough then, after using the hyperbole of Aug 2nd "default", criticized the pundits on both sides who awfulized the debt ceiling situation. Then later in the show, Scarborough praised the Tea Party representatives for hanging tough in negotiations, and Scarborough remained silent when his friend Tom Coburn, who opposes the deal, stated that America is headed toward a Greece-like crisis because we haven't addressed our spending problem. John Heilemann confronted Scarborough for his contradictory praise of both the establishment "leaders" and the Tea Party, after criticizing the Tea Party earlier, but Scarborough put his clown hat on and dimissed Heilemann with a cute joke.

    It's ironic how centrists usually have no center -- they juggle in the middle in constant contradiction taking temporary positions for political expediency, and Scarborough is a prime example. The Republican Party is in conflict between the professional politicians, who pretty much act like Scarborough, and the principled limited government conservatives/libertarians who went to DC to make serious changes to the system.

    Scarborough wrote a column for Politico basically saying that all the warnings from both sides about calmamity are overblown and that in the end deals are made -- so, we're still America, by God, and we keep on ticking. Another thing centrists do is draw false equivalencies to show their balance. It is true that both parties have supported a statist system which has brought us to a debt crisis, but one party, at least one part of the party, is correctly revealing the danger of our statist system, and the other party is using hyperbole regarding "cuts" to government that will kill old people and leave sick children to die without medial care to avoid dealing with our debt problem. Scarborough and his centrist, squishy ilk, choose to ignore the real problem by taking a middle approach that says the system is working when compromise can be reached, regardless of the content of the disagreements.

    The debt ceiling deal does nothing to address our financial and economic problems -- nothing. But the political, statist establishment is pleased with itself today because it made a deal. Big freaking deal.


    An example of media framing

    The above is an example of how liberal media will push Huntsman closer to Obama and make it impossible for Huntsman to take a rightwing position without being associated with earth-destroyers and bigots. Many on the Right will concede that the climate is changing, but they disagree on the responsibility of the government to "do something" about it. Many on the Right have compassion for gay people, but they still uphold the tradition of marriage being between a man and a woman, but rags like Mother Jones will hold up the stereotypical far rightwinger/hatemonger as the average Republican who is clearly and vigorously opposing Obama's policies -- so if Huntsman takes any stand that would upset a Democrat, he's pandering to the Republican base, and they are all kooks, you know.

    These partisans on the Left are becoming so obvious and collectivized it's both funny and frightening.


    Why action is more important than words

    As John McCain and others herald President Obama as a centrist, and as many remember today Ronald Reagan's great libertarian speeches, it pays to remember that actions and results are all that count.

    What we need is not more words, but serious actions to roll back State power and economy-killing regulations.