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    Morning Joe 12/12/2011 -- Newt Romney, Stalin, Marx and Obama

    On Morning Joe today during the first segment the guests were Steve Rattner, John Meacham, David Reznick, Chuck Todd and Jeff Miron. It appears there are several narratives building steam in the political class. One narrative is a cross between Obama defense and Republican-trashing. Scarborough and the other regulars believe Newt Gingrich is poison for the GOP, and Mika, Reznick and others on the Left believe this will help reelect Obama. The Morning Joe gang focuses on Republican gaffes, but pretty much ignores the Democrat implosion. The Morning Joe crew did give a critique of Obama's problems going into 2012, but Scarborough made a big deal over one poll that shows Obama winning against either Gingrich and Romney in South Carolina. David Reznick gave the explanation, but it was ignored as Scarborough brought up the poll several more times and said it's amazing. I know SC, and SC has a large African-American community. Many of these African-Americans don't usually vote, but they'll vote for Obama. It's not a surprise that Obama would be ahead in SC at this point, since Obama doesn't yet have an opponent. This is a ridiculous poll to highlight.

    Scarborough called the Republican primary a clown show. Scarborough also made a big deal over Lindsey Graham's comments on Meet the Press when Graham said the Consumer Protection Bureau is something out of the Stalin era because it posits so much control in one person. Scarborough said that 30 million people died during the Stalin era, and that Republicans shouldn't use these exteme examples. Later Scarborough agreed with George Will's comment that newt Gingrich would have made a good Marxist. Marxism is responsible for over a hundred millions deaths, so why is a Stalin era comparison any worse than a Marxist comparison? It's due to sloppy thinking, and it's the problem with political spin. Graham was talking about a system of governance -- he was not making a comparison between the Stalin the Butcher and Obama the Progressive. George Will was making a comparison between a system builder like Marx and his followers and Newt the system builder. Scarborough is the only one jumping the shark.

    Another narrative being pushed by the political class is that Republicans will eventually settle on a moderate, but Chuck Todd appears to get it. Many voters in 2012 will be looking for a change in direction. Those in the political class who want to maintain the status quo in DC will hope for an Obama win but will accept someone like Romney -- however, the political class will not decide this election. For those concerned with the Progressive policies which have made the economy worse, electing representatives who will maintain the status quo is unacceptable.

    No one in the political class is focusing on the problems with Obama and the Progressives in the Democrat Party. Obama's Kansas speech was a rejection of free market principles, and it was loaded with propaganda. Fact checkers have revealed the speech as full of misrepresentations. The Morning Joe crew talked about Obama's idea that the system within which he works is insufficient for his skills, but they didn't show how ridiculous this is in light of Obama's incompetence and lack of economic understanding. If anything is a clown show, it's the administration, but it's being covered up by media. Yes, some in media have criticized Obama from the Left, but it's usually because he hasn't been progressive enough. This is the real issue that should be discussed -- how progressive policies are pushing the nation over the cliff. It really won't matter who is elected President in 2012 if we can't change the direction, so who's voted into congress will likely be more important than who winds up as President.

    Jeff Miron was on the show, but they wasted the few minutes he was on by pitting him against Steve Rattner with not enough time to make the case for free market principles. It's ridiculous to have a couple of minutes to explain concepts which require months of study to understand. The way it's going right now, hardly anyone appears to understand the real issues facing our nation. The federal government has gained so much power, it will take years to rollback what has already been implemented. If we don't change directions and limit government power, all this political talk about personalities and political strategy are moot.