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    The Will to Create

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    There's talk about a period of chaos in Libya and then a long slow process of creating government and establishing order, or vice versa. I don't see how Libya will go from what they have to any semblance of a government which is anything other than a vicious dictatorship.

    For good or bad, the liberal mindset in the west created societies which valued cooperation, protection of rights and the rule of law. Out of this voluntary cooperation, religious beliefs were subordinated to a common purpose among individuals to work together in the division of labor and the establishment of secular governance to prosper, keep the peace and protect people from coercion. It's become something much greater than these simple prinicples, but the fundamentals are still there.

    I'm sensitive to diverse cultures, and people are free to live by their own principles and beliefs, but when experts talk about Libya creating some type of democracy, I don't see any foundation on which to build. I don't see anything holding the country together, if that's the goal, short of a powerful regime that forces them to work together, but that ain't democracy of any kind. From what I can tell, the differences in religious beliefs are very important to many Libyans, and I don't see how they are going to subordinate their beliefs to a secular government unless forced to do so by threat of violence.