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    Up with Steve Kornacki 9/8/2013 -- Democrat planning session

    That's about all any MSNBC show is when you boil them down. Kornacki's show has become one of the most overtly biased. It's not really worth writing about, but this morning, Dave Weigel, Kornacki and a few other progressive types, who sometimes call themselves liberals but all very illiberal for the most part, talked about public war wearniness and how it relates to Iraq.

    This needs to be confronted because statist hawks in the Democratic Party are using this narrative of public war wearniness to highlight Iraq and Bush rather than highlight the fact that Americans are weary of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Egypt and now Syria. Bush had a part to play, but mostly the public's resistance to intervention in Syria relates to the failed build up in Afghanistan, the failures in Pakistan, the failures in Libya and Egypt and the obsession with droning people all over the the Mideast.

    The American people are not resisting intervention into Syria because of Iraq. There've been too many fresh interventions engineered by Obama for Iraq to still be bothering Americans. Iraq has become just one among many failures in the Mideast, and Americans don't want another quagmire that wastes lives and money just so the Obama administration can play at liberal interventionism and give Samantha Powers' doctrine credibility as the State gains more power at home through spying agencies such as the CIA and NSA.


    Stay out of Syria

    Why is it that the US is basically the only country threatening to retaliate against Assad for allegedly using chemical weapons? Why not Britain, Germany, France, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Canada, Australia, etc.? Why is the US the lone country sitting on ready to send missiles into Syria? And why does the US assume it was Assad who used chemical weapons? We were wrong before when chemical weapons were used and it turned out it was the rebels.

    The rebels should be called what they are -- al Qaeda. Do we think that al Qaeda will not use chemical weapons? So we bomb a few important sites in Syria to punish Assad, if it was Assad who used the chemical weapons, so what's to stop al Qaeda from using chemical weapons -- then who and what do we bomb? Why is the US getting involved in a situation in which the intelligence is unreliable and our actions will not change anything? If the nations of the world believe that Assad is using chemical weapons and will kill many more Syrians, then why not a coalition of nations going in to stop Assad?

    Why is John Kerry so insistant, before the UN inspections are completed, that Assad used chemical weapons? Why would Assad use chemical weapons on so few people to invite such a large reaction from the US? Assad is in no immediate danger of being toppled. We haven't even heard about Syria lately until Egypt started unravelling and Obama looked weak and incompetent -- now, all of a sudden, Syria is in the forefront and we're set to start bombing. Does this not throw up red flags?

    If Obama goes through with this unilaterally, then Obama has been given the power to do whatever he wants to do, and Congress is irrelevant -- totally irrelevant, along with the American people.


    Fanning the flames of war

    There's a lot of chatter about what to do in Egypt. Even non-interventionists are having second thoughts as Christians are slaughtered and we're reminded that America has to act because no one elsed will.

    My heart breaks for innocent victims of radical savagery, yet how can America assure that Christians in Egypt will not be tortured and murdered without taking over the country, eliminating all radical Islamists and preventing the return of radical Islamists?

    To understate the problem, Christians and Jews aren't wanted in Eqypt, and, with the constant radicalization, it appears the problem will get worse. Are there Christian groups with the clout and wherewithal to help Christians in Egypt relocate? What future do Christians have in Egypt? Even if America helped arm liberal groups in Egypt, an escalated war in Egypt will not erase the hatred Islamists have for Christians, Jews, Gays, women, Americans, whatever.

    Egypt should be left to resolve it's conflict. If there really is a strong faction in Egypt that wants modernity and liberty, then they'll have to fight for it. America can no longer entangle itself in regional conflicts, especially when there are no rational solutions. Parts of the Mideast are burning with irrational rage, and there's nothing America can do to fix this. We've made things worse with our interventions -- it's time to pull out.


    Egypt and our failed interventionist policies

    It didn't take very long for our intervention in Egypt during the Arab Spring to turn into an Arab nightmare with Obama now seen in Egypt as the protector of a tyrant, plus Obama has placed the US against Christians in that region.

    I don't know how much more our nation can take --  these government interventions and meddling and social engineering and power-mongering in general are tearing us apart, killing our economy and ruining relationships with other nations. We can maintain a superior defense system with a policy of non-interventionism, and we can maintain relationships with other nations much better if we stop manipulating to the world to fit some Progressive vision that's not even working at home.


    Hope in Egypt

    I'm encouraged by the diligent protests in Egypt. The protesters aren't falling for weak promises. However, I would like to hear a concerted call among protesters for property rights, free speech, freedom of religion, etc, because unless the Egyptian people can demand a Constitution that limits the power of someone like Morsi, all rulers will grab power. David Ignatius was on a program this morning blaming the problems on Morsi the individual, as if someone else from the Muslim Brotherhood might have done things differently.

    When centuries of despotism have characterized the politics of a region, and when politics have been religionized by  tyrants who've perverted the religion to give the elite few complete control over religious adherents, then it takes more than protesting in the streets over one individual. The system has to be completely reformed, or it will be one tyrant after another, and if Morsi can get the military to back him, the persistent protests will be squashed -- and according to their Constitution, the military reaction will be warranted.