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    The Will to Create

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    De-throning president-kings

    The expansion of executive power over the last few decades might be coming to an end. The incredible potential on the left under Obama was even greater than the opportunity which Clinton flubbed through his lust. Bush expanded executive power through a crisis, but it was soon reigned in by the media.

    Obama came on strong and it appeared for a period of time that he was going to pull an Augustus on America, whereby he played the role of humble servant, deferring to congress, yet behind the scenes and through his czars take on unprecedented power. For a moment it appeared that industry would be turned upside down through the EPA with their carbon trick, but about that time the American people put a stop to the power grab -- not, however, before the structure was built through healthcare and finance on which to eventually build enough regulation to accomplish the progressive mission.

    Now that the midterm elections have sent a strong message and the president is presently looking weak, the trend to expand executive power is possibly thwarted for good, at least for a long time to come. It will not be any time soon that a charismatic president charges into office bent on changing the tides and healing the world. I imagine our next president will be a workhorse executive expected to downsize and curb government power, simply giving the nation reports of the progress made. America appears intent on taking power back and cranking up the private sector, and I don't think this public pressure is going to dissipate when unemployment falls to 5%. Good for the American people. It remains to be seen, though, whether the structure of healthcare and finance can be demolished.

    State power players have come up against an opposing force they didn't expect, the American people roused from a long nap. All they can possibly do at this point to continue the progressive agenda is declare an emergency -- it had better be one hell of an emergency.


    Authoritarian threat? You ain't seen nothin' yet

    The Democrats, Obama and his czars represent much more of an authoritarian threat than did Bush and company, despite Cheny's militaristic zeal, and despite the modern liberal narrative that energy and anger on the right could easily turn into authoritarian control.

    Obama and the Democrats are the ones forcing us to buy insurance whether we want to or not, and it's his wife who wants to control what people eat. It's Cass Sunstein who wants to nudge as a tactic of social engineering, and when nudging doesn't work, shove. It's the healthcare law that has the potential to destroy one sixth of the economy and exercise authoritarian control over a major industry.

    It's a Democrat controlled government that's seizing private companies because regulators don't like the looks of their financial health. It's the Obama financial plan to build a structure for control which now only needs to be filled in with regulations -- and it is Obama who appointed an unconfirmed Elizabeth Warren who has an ax to grind concerning Wall Street.

    It's Obama putting out a hit on a private citizen without a trial. It's Obama's leadership which is sending drones like a video game to wipe out "suspected" targets in Pakistan with insufficient intelligence on the ground.

    It's the left who are pushing for majority rule and violations of the Constitution, and the left who wants to drag ignorant people along to their way of thinking regardless of the people's real wishes.

    If Obama is elected for four more years, and if the Democrats have any power left, we will see the real threat of authoritarianism. Of course, authoritarian control is a threat from both left and right in the political realm, but let's not be blind to which side is acting the most authoritarian at the moment.


    Ezra Klein's Bizarro World

    What do you have to believe to be intellectually comfortably within Klein's Bizarro World? It's not so much that you have to accept Klein's ideas regarding the stimulus, the healthcare bill or financial reform - these can be debated in our ordinary world, and although I think all these "accomplishments", while, indeed, they were actions accomplished, are bad for the country, a true statist can view them with mixed favorability, only wishing the statism had been more comprehensive, larger in scope, deeper in content.

    However, living comfortably in Klein's Bizarro World requires uncommon and strange mental gymnastics beyond the abilities of most thinkers -- it requires a contortion whereby the mind focuses on the policies and ideas of Reagan and Obama as if they are Big Things of the same nature without discerning any difference in content or direction. In other words, it requires imagining a world of critical thinkers who come to conclusions after a passage of time that two very opposite leaders find popularity and acceptance because both attempted sweeping changes in government -- never mind what they were attempting to do or actually did. Reagan inspired a nation to depend less on the State and gained majority approval of his performance after an initial period of unpopularity, therefore, Obama, who is initially unpopular, will gain the same status of majority acceptance and popularity as Reagan after the passage of time, although Obama has expanded the power of the State and weakened the power of the private sector.

    Less than two years into Obama's presidency, the initial comparison is more to Jimmy Carter than Ronald Reagan, but, then, I could never be intellectually comfortable in Klein's Bizarro World.


    Having fun with liberals

    It's fun sometimes to argue with modern liberals, because they are so righteous about their positions they miss the flaws -- political correctness has prevented them from being objective. Their selective morality is easy to pick apart. But, though it's fun, it's a serious problem because they have the ability to control government, which can control all our lives.

    If enough people are indoctrinated to the modern liberal view of the world, they can cause a lot of damage. They already have by supporting the healthcare bill which is now law. If liberals had their way completely, they would have passed cap and trade and our economy might not recover for decades.

    Before, when the economy was going good and there was enough resistance to modern liberal statism, it all seemed harmless, and people went along with the parts of the plans which seemed to be compassionate -- hell, we're a prosperous nation, so why not give the plans a try and help a few people -- it's easier than personally taking local responsibility and having to actually do someting to help others -- just let them tax us a little more and government workers will take care of it.

    Well, what has happened is that the State has grown in power, and they are not only providing welfare programs, they're writing regulations and controlling practically everything we do -- it wasn't good enough to help the poor, liberals want to fix everyone who's not thinking or acting right. So, now they will manage our healthcare, our finances, our mortgages, our energy, our children's education, our eating habits -- it goes on and on. this has to be stopped, but have we given government too much power to take back? The government is spending the nation into bankruptcy -- its protecting and enriching goverment workers -- it's picking winners and losers in industry -- it's building power bases among special interests to protect the status quo -- it's bogging us down in Iraq and Afghanistan -- it's limiting our choices daily -- it's corrupting the main sources of news.

    Liberals have a lot to answer for, along with those who've ignored them. As I keep saying, liberals are just not liberal.


    The framework to control the financial industry and every connected, which is everything 

    If you look at the progresive agenda as a three legged stool, healthcare, finances and energy, then the second leg was placed on the stool today -- financial reform was signed into law. But it's best to look at the financial reform by itself as the framework for control. What's so dangeous about this reform is that it's the structure of power over our nation's finances within which all the legislation will be built. The bill signed today by the presdent is the framework -- now bureacrats will put in sheetrock, wiring, plumbing, flooring, fixtures, doors, windows, etc. with all their brilliant regulations. What they don't realize is the foundation is flawed.

    These changes within the structure will take years, and no one knows what the finished structure will look like, or what the costs will be. Business owners will have to guess, so it adds to uncertainty. That's just what we need, more uncertainty among the producers of wealth and creators of jobs.