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    The Will to Create

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    Fox's The Five

    I hardly ever watch Fox's The Five all the wat through, because I find it aggravating when five people are talking and none have time to really put their thoughts together, so dumb things are often said in the heat of conversation. I watched it today, though, and was rewarded by Greg Gutfeld. Gutfeld has called himself a libertarian before, but his hawkish stance toward foreign policy, and his acceptance of the surveillance State make me question his libertarianism -- however, today, in an exchange with Bob Beckel, the Progressive hack on the show, Gutfeld stood up, figuratively, when Beckel thought he had Gutfeld beaten down with a false Progressive premise.

    The topic being argued by Gutfeld and Beckel was Obamacare and how it represents the failure of Big Government. Beckel sarcastically asked if Gutfeld wanted to end Medicare, SS, Medicaid, etc., and, instead of stuttering and looking for an exit, Gutfeld said yes, we should allow the private sector to experiment and come up with solutions to retirement, healthcare and poverty. This is how opposition to Progressivism should be handled -- with honesty and explanations of principles that have succeeded wildly in the past regarding economic liberty, innovation and escape from poverty.


    GOP Establishment vs The New Republicans

    The GOP establishment has declared war on Republicans whom they've placed under the Tea Part umbrella. These New Republicans could be Tea Partiers or they could be voters who would like to vote Republican, like Constitutionalists or Libertarians or Independents opposed to Progressivism. I suppose you wouldn't call all of them Republicans quite yet, because they're not so much partisan as they are concerned with principles like limited government, a free market, non-interventionism, civil liberties and privacy.

    Most "liberals" who vote for Democrats consider non-interventionism, civil liberties and privacy Democratic Party issues, but this is no longer true. Actually, civil liberties, non-interventionism and privacy all fall under individual rights, so New Republican representatives like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Justin Amash and Ted Cruz are better defenders of individual rights than Democrats or the GOP establishment.

    The Democratic Party has been taken over by Progressives, and the GOP establishment is willing to compromise with Progressivism. New Republicans oppose statism, and this frightens the professional political class who depend on State power to guide the global power arrangements,  engineer society and plan the economy according to a resdistribution, anti-free market agenda. It's about power and control.

    What the New Republicans need are about 20 million additional voters made up of freedom fighters, Constitution defenders, free marketers, true classical liberals, Libertarians and Limited-Government Conservatives who've previously given up on government. I understand how Americans can give up on government, and I understand how Americans can go about their business expecting government to abide by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but, unfortunately, to limit government power and keep it limited we must go through government. Some Libertarians say that limited government is an impossibility, but I'm not one. I believe that an educated American populace can limit their government and keep it limited. It won't happen by itself, though -- politicians won't wake up and decide to limit their own power. Americans have to demand limits on coercive power and non-obstruction of a free market, and then vote for representatives who will serve the public.

    There are at least 20 to 30 million Americans who don't vote, who could vote, and who could change this nation back to what the Founders intended but fell short of creating.


    Sticking to fundamental problems

    Media have been forced to deal with symptomatic problems of governance, even if they are likely admitting to these problems so that fundamental problems aren't acknowledged. Media will probably follow up their reports on government failures, the closer we get to 2014 elections, with reports on how conservatives and libertarians in the GOP have made governance impossible. MSNBC is already using this strategy.

    Whatever happens, MSM are not going to focus on fundamental flaws in our statist system, thus admitting that conservatives and libertarians are right. No, MSM will do what statist apologists always do -- they'll blame someone else (Cruz, Lee, Amash, etc) and lament the fact that smart people in government can't get things done. We'll probably see a push to change rules, policies and procedures to give congress the ability to ram through legislation with a simple majority, and expand executive powers.

    Hardly anyone in government addresses fundamental problems. The President and Congress address symptomatic problems, applying symptomatic solutions. Because fundamental problems aren't addressed, we see the same consequences over and over. For decades now, statism has created this downward spiral, never addressing fundamental problems that achieve leverage for change. They raise the debt ceiling but don't place limits on power and dismantle the feeding trough. They "stimulate" a static economy, but they don't allow a free market that creates dynamic growth.

    Many books have been written about the unintended consequences of government interventions in our economy and in the affairs of other nations, yet government increases its interventions as time goes one, each dumb intervention calling for a government fix with more interventions, and the downward spiral continues.


    Rebuilding America...Part 5

    The Republican Party could restructure itself as a true opposition party, if it would only stand corageously against authoritarianism, progressivism/Democratic Socialism and the system of statism/State capitalism that makes them possible. If, first, Republicans stood against corporate welfare, then started to lay out the principles of economic liberty, limited government and non-interventionism, it would strike a chord with Americans who know something is terribily wrong in government, but don't know quite how to put it all together. Forcing corporations play fair will get the attention of everyone, not just partisans.

    At first, Americans will push back on the idea of the private sector taking responsibility for safety net concerns, but by leaders in the public and private spheres explaining how comprehensive, innovative insurance plans will take care of safety net concerns for at least 85% of the American public, they'll start listening. Once it's explained how these insurance plans can address all forms of life-emergencies and provide much more financial comfort in retirement, people will listen. If you show them numbers, people will listen.

    As I said before, once the market is freed from crushing, irrational, economy-destroying regulations, the innovative spirit of Americans will take over and continue the progress made decades ago before statism started causing bubbles and busts and, now, stagnation. It will take a revolution to limit government power and establish a truly free market, and it will take years of re-education, un-learning what State-run education has taught Americans. Communication technology allows people from all across the country to talk with one another and to challenge the status quo. With this new age of communication, we can all play a part in building something new. This interactive rebuilding of America will generate a spiritual/intellectual revival that can change the entire world, so that countries suffering from tyranny can enjoy freedom and prosperity. This was the vision years ago, but we got sidetracked by socialist schemes. Now we know what it takes, or least we're learning. Only we can do it.


    Have you had enough?

    I had enough long ago. America can do so much better, but we aren't. It no longer matters whether Democratic Socialist policies are simply unable to sustain economic growth or whether there are forces working intentionally against American economic growth -- it's time to stop the madness and get back to what we do best, create, innovate and produce.

    The particular scandals related to the Obama regime are tiresome -- it's time to stop it. It's time for serious men and women to stand against this sorry display of corruption and anti-free market insanity. A nation of over 300 million people are being jerked around by a handful of Leftists who have dreams of transforming America into something that has failed repeatedly in Europe.

    Americans have to break their dependence on federal welfare, and this includes the poor, the middle class and corporations. There are better ways to handle poverty, the middle class  needs good paying jobs, and corporations should compete for our dollars based on the quality of what they offer. If we go the route of Europe, it will happen because Americans gave up and surrendered their freedom for the false promises of security and stability. I just can't accept that Americans will allow this to happen.