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    The Will to Create

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    Let's get real about job losses

    This morning Chris Hayes on his morning show Up said that George Bush had a net job loss under his two terms and gave some number he pulled out of his butt or out of the butt of the some Democrat partisan who made it up.

    The truth is that it's not really important which President was staying at the White House while jobs have been lost -- it's the result of decades of government interventions in the economy, debt and a failed education system, just to name a few reasons. Both Bush and Obama have continued the interventionist ways of our statist government, and they both deserve blame to that extent. But, to play some silly game about which President lost or created the most jobs is so ludicrous it amazes me that people as smart as Hayes play the game. It's the government system and the consequences from all government interventions and growth killing regulations, not the bozos pretending to be in charge of the system.


    No time for cynics

    I can't be cynical right now. I'm too optimistic about the American people. I believe the spending and statism of George Bush was used by the incoming Democrats to seize on an emergency, and they wildly over-played their hand. Add to that the problems in Europe and it spells the beginning of the end of statism, at least for awhile. The air is leaking fast out of the progressive balloon, although they will fight in the streets resisting cuts -- it will only make them more despised. The Blue Dogs will make the Democrat problem even worse as they move to position themselves as spending cutters.

    The piper is demanding payment. Even though Reublicans have a history of folding under pressure, there are a lot of new representatives who are of a different breed -- they have fire in their bellies - let's hope doesn't turn into just smoke.

    The only problem is that congress will not likely put real limits in place so this can't happen again. They should.