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    Morning Joe 2/25/2011 -- Moderate retreat

    On Morning Joe today, I could only watch until 8pm, then I'd had enough. Joe Scarborough and Richard Haas started in good enough fashion by saying the Afghanistan War is not sustainable. As I wrote yesterday, the war is political now and it's a travesty how soldiers are being asked to die for politics. The nation should be protesting the war, rather than public unions fighting to keep their financial gig going, but no one yet knows how to protest while still supporting the troops -- it's easy, though -- just say the troops have accomplished what they can, and now the government is misusing them.

    But, then, Scarborough plays a clip of Glenn Beck talking on his Fox show about the global revolution and how the Left has connecting itself to the Revolution. Joe S. said Beck is on the edge of a breakdown and, Cass Sustein-like, accused Beck of consiparacy mongering, also saying Beck will ruin conservative positions and will ruin Fox. All on Morning Joe agreed with Joe, but not one of them refuted anything that Beck has claimed, and the reason is that Beck is not putting forth a consipracy theory -- the Left is courageously claiming a connection with the Mid-East Revolution. The Leftists aren't hiding and conspiring -- they're planning and putting their plans in public. The Left, such as Trumka, Stern, Van Jones, all the various Leftist groups, Soros,, socialist organizations, have been stating their plans for a long time -- it's just that the media hasn't reported on it, and now Beck is reporting on it. How Joe S. can be principled on the war, yet so political on all other issues, I don't know.

    Joe S. smugly stated that his moderate position is a superior position, then Joe S. went on to claim that Republicans are being ideological and going too far fighting unions, and then the Morning Joe gang worried about how the economy and unrest will affect Obama's re-election chances. Joe S. and gang give lip service to the global problems, fail to make any connections to the Left and unions, then sit and relate it all to how it will affect Obama's presidency. These are not serious people. I couldn't watch anymore, especially after the fourth mention of Mika being on vacation in the south of France. These clowns have a comfortable gig and they've made some important friends, but as far as intellect and understanding of the serious nature of the global unrest and our own unrest, they're clueless. Joe S. is a moderate leaning Left who loves the status quo and political game so much he's willing to sacrifice honesty. Beck threatens Joe, because Beck is not afraid to call things what they are. We need more Becks and fewer Scarboroughs.