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    The Will to Create

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    And what about ACA?

    It's almost impossible to find any media reporting on what's known as Obamacare. Perhaps it's because many states are not putting together their part of the plan. Right now, the lack of planning will overload the healthcare industry, especially with the shortage of doctors (see above link). In order to hustle and fix problems like this, I predict government will throw money at the ACA in a desperate move to make it work, thus costing taxpayers billions of dollars more than what many researchers already see as added costs not factored in during the marketing of Obamacare. Obamacare is supposed to answer the problem of rising healthcare costs, but from all initial indications, it's going to cost us more, at least for a good while. Maybe government will get it under control and we'll witness falling healthcare costs, but with 30 million people added to the number of the insured, it's not likely costs will go down. One might say that just insuring this 30 million is a noble result, and that might be true if the system doesn't collapse leaving everyone in a healthcare lurch. Being insured is one thing, but having access to good healthcare is an entirely different matter.


    We've been lied to over and over

    Those who put together the Healthcare bill knew that two main justifications for Obamacare were lies. The President knew he was lying as he repeated the lies all across the country. Everyone who has defended this bill against charges that the bill will add to costs and cause people to lose their coverage were either in denial or they beleived the lies or they lied. A lot of people have a lot to answer for. We should be seeing apologies all across the blogosphere, but we won't. I can't even find any major news sources covering this. This is statism. There's no honor -- no integrity -- no character.

    Obamacare -- the monster that ate America

    To say the very least, I have misgivings about Obamacare. If I was Obama, I'd have misgivings about my name being associated with this economic tragedy which will roar through the economy for decades. Just as soon as it was passed, bad news started trickling out and the news hasn't gotten any better.

    Companies still await just what the regulations mean to them, and once they find out and react, a chain reaction will start that'll last for a long time. No one knows what the consequences will be, but they aren't expected to be positive. This is the problem -- no one knows. Not knowing is fine in a free market, when you have stable rules and know that you can assess changes in consumer behavior and react fairly quickly, but with government it's different -- each negative consequence is followed by a fix until no one knows the rules of the game anymore.

    I have a feeling this is going to be such a disaster that government will be forced to take over healthcare absolutely, and when this happens, America is going to be in big trouble -- the costs will be enormous and the taxes will tighten the noose significantly.