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    The Will to Create

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    More and more I realize that most anti-capitalists on the Left are not so much anti-capitalist but they are against the wrong kind of capitalist. Joseph Shumpeter wrote about Marx's association of class and capitalism -- the capitalist is always the expropriator and then there's the worker associated with labor. It's a class distinction rather than taking capitalism objectively.

    All the comments I've seen so far from the left regarding Ariana Huffington's 315 million dollar payday from AOL praises her worthiness for such a huge sum, and I've never heard anyone on the Left refer to Soros as a Fat Cat, or John Kerry as a greedy capitalist pig. It matters on the Left who has or made the money, and if the correct person is rich then it's not associated with capitalist greed. However, the Koch brothers, or Glenn Beck's salary are different issues -- they become self-interested capitalist players concerned only with their own enrichment and not with the plight of the needy.

    Obama's new-found business-friendly posture has this same capital-correctness attached to it. Capitalism is fine if the right capitalists make the money, fulfill their duty to society and the State and build the right products or provide the right services. Even Obama has become wealthy, but no one is accusing him of exploitation -- however, if Ann Coulter writes a book that is successful in the market, she's making a killing off fear-mongering and pushing red-meat to extemist Tea Party-types.

    I find this fascinating.