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    The Will to Create

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    Liberal silliness and hypocrisy

    There's silliness and hypocrisy among many liberals and moderates who constantly attack rightwing media yet say nothing about the gross liberal bias in MSM and on cable news shows like MSNBC. MSNBC spews more hardcore propaganda from the Left than Fox does from the Right, and shows like Martin Bashir's and Al Sharpton's are total jokes -- they are pure propaganda, and, what makes it worse, they are terribly uninteresting and uninspired.

    The propaganda on the Left  comes from the President on down. Obama has quit governing and is on a propaganda mission with the MSM riding shotgun. It's the final nail in the media coffin. Hardly anyone believes the reporting from the MSM -- the Leftist partisans love the political strategy, and the Right roll their eyes. Media has become an arm of the State and does the government's bidding when it comes to defending the political realm over the economic realm, and the public over the private. Liberals should be up in arms regarding the media, because a free and independent press has always been a major part of liberalism.

    Liberal principles are no longer a part of modern liberalism. What can we make of that? An illiberal liberalism? It's time to reassess our labeling system.


    An example of media framing

    The above is an example of how liberal media will push Huntsman closer to Obama and make it impossible for Huntsman to take a rightwing position without being associated with earth-destroyers and bigots. Many on the Right will concede that the climate is changing, but they disagree on the responsibility of the government to "do something" about it. Many on the Right have compassion for gay people, but they still uphold the tradition of marriage being between a man and a woman, but rags like Mother Jones will hold up the stereotypical far rightwinger/hatemonger as the average Republican who is clearly and vigorously opposing Obama's policies -- so if Huntsman takes any stand that would upset a Democrat, he's pandering to the Republican base, and they are all kooks, you know.

    These partisans on the Left are becoming so obvious and collectivized it's both funny and frightening.


    Most unaware Liberal writer of the week

    Several on the Right have picked this up and called it an admission that liberal media have become irrelevant. I agree, and Weigel not only implies this, but he does something worse -- he states that media have no responsibility to report objectively on the Right. Journalists, even bloggers, have a responsibility to report objectively, period, but they have failed this responsibility, and this is one of the major transitions right now that doesn't get enough coverage -- of course the media will be reluctant to report on their own failures and demise, but this is part of their responsibility, too. They need a gut-check. Light-weights like Weigel are easier to understand, but the major journalists got into journalism, I'm sure, with idealistic goals to meet their responsibility to report objectively -- what went wrong?


    The consumers of news will decide

    Ed Morrisey has it right. The efforts of George Soros funded Media Matters and other leftist news organizations to "sabotage" Fox are self defeating if the tactics are dirty. The "war" on Fox will come across as an attempt to silence. I would never dream of joining an effort to destroy the left wing media because everyone needs to read and hear what they write and say. Only by truly understanding the ideas being debated can a person make an informed judgement. But, comparing Fox to left wing media is not a good comparison, because Fox gives a fair hearing to leftist ideas and opinions. 

    Ultimately the consumers of news will decide which news outlets are more objective and useful. In an interview with Bret Baier, Jon Stewart made the claim that Fox is not a news outlet but rather a purveyor of ideology and propaganda. Baier made the point that Fox has high ratings, and Stewart sarcastically said he didn't know ratings equal quality, then said he would have to reassess Three's Company -- this got a big laugh, but Stewart is saying that sitcom entertainment is equal to news coverage and that the audiences are basically the same. The consumer of news is likely more discerning and educated and aware of current events than the average viewer of sitcoms. If Stewart is saying that most people like things of which they have little understanding, but he, a much more intelligent judge of quality, knows better, then I suppose he can take that stance. Now, that's comedy, although unintentional. The truth is the Left can't stand the fact that many people find Fox a much better outlet for news and opinion, and that their ratings are way above the outlets with a leftward bias.


    Glenn Beck on Fox 2/3/2011 -- Left madness

    Beck continues with his series on Egypt and the Left's manipulation of the unrest to support its battle against capitalism, the Right, Fox, talk show hosts and any other group which disagrees with them. Here, I'm using Left to describe progressivies, socialists, communists and anarchists, but not so much your average liberal. Groups like Code Pink, A.N.S.W.E.R., and individuals like Van Jones, are on the Left in a way most liberal journalists appear to deny or minimize.

    I've refused to jump on the fashionable anti-Beck bandwagon -- I take what he says and critique it like I would from anyone else. Those in the media now who are demonizing Beck based on trumped up charges of extremism and kookiness do so by sacrificing the facts and believing everything they hear without investigating and verifying. There's a strange denial among liberals and moderates when it comes to Beck. Beck can easily defend his charges against the Left, as I've described the Left, simpy by replaying their words. That's what Beck did today with Code Pink and other Left organizations. Liberals can write this off as passionate protesters getting carried away, but that's hypocritical when they have slammed every "passionate" statement of Tea Partier then smeared the whole group with these words.

    Beck showed a clip of some female commentator from Daily Beast being interviewed on Fox accusing Beck of claiming that the Egypt riots are a conspiracy caused by Van Jones and Code Pink. Sounds crazy doesn't it? I saw at least three bloggers today stating the same thing. Yes, crazy stuff -- the only problem is that it's not true. Beck said the Left is capitalizing on the Egypt riots and that some of them are calling for the same kind of riots in America, then he showed video evidence. Beck showed the writings of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, then showed the connection between Code Pink and Hamas during the flotilla incidence with Israel. What these protesters are saying is horrible, and the MSM is not reporting on it. Their statements are racist and are calls for deadly violence. These are all facts, not conspiracy theories.

    Liberals and moderates who are reasonable in many other ways are not reasonable when it comes to Beck. Much of what Beck says and reports can't honestly be denied -- they are just facts. You can argue about conclusions drawn from the facts, but to simply dismiss what he says is dishonest and cowardly. When Beck says there's a diverse group of people who have hatred for Western values in common, and that they are forming an alliance to transform western culture, he's telling the truth. I only disgree with the size and imminent danger of the threat. These people are certainly dangerous because they want to control, and they are violent and ruthless in their means to gain power and make change. But they need a large army, and I'm not sure enough people will follow them to accomplish their goals. They can cause damage, though, and their ideas need sunlight -- I praise Beck for providing sunlight and commend him for his courage.