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    Morning Joe 10/24/2012 -- It's the system stupid

    On Morning Joe today Scarborough started out complaining about the lack of content in the presidential campaigns. It's actually the Obama campaign that has failed to provide any content -- they are still talking about romnesia -- it's sad. For some reason Scarborough has this deep need to criticize Romney along with Obama so that he doesn't look biased toward the Right, but MSNBC is so biased toward the Left, that it would hardly be bias if Scarborough would say something truthful about Romney. Scarborough said that Romney is not talking about the size of government, regulations and the debt. What? Romney and Ryan have talked about these issues over and over and over. Scarborough is obviously listening only to MSNBC snippets of Romney's speeches taken out of context. Scarborough should feel good about the content coming from Romney, since Scarborough calls himself a small government conservative who relates to libertarians. It's not true, but he says it, so you think he'd at least stay in character. He forgets, though, that he's pretending to be a "small" government conservative, and his centrist establishment true-self comes out.

    Later on in the show David Resnick from the New Yorker came on with breaking news that was truly surprising -- the New Yorker is endorsing Obama. Wow, I didn't see that one coming. Scarborough rightfully lit into Resnick because the New Yorker started out talking about how Obama had to bring the country back from the shame of the Bush years. Scarborough said that Obama has practically continued Bush policies, then the two got into a heated debarte about Obama, Bush and Romney, especially regarding the ongoing Afghanistan War and drone warfare. Resnick defended Obama, but also defended the New Yorker by reminding Scarborough of Jane Mayer's articles in the New Yorker criticizing Obama's use of drones. But Resnick is still on the Obama team because Romney will be worse. Resnick didn't say how Romney will be worse, but he and Scarborough both agreed that in the foreign policy debate Romney appeared to simply repeat what he'd been coached on. Romney did fine in the debate, and it was Obama who seemed coached on one line zingers. But this whole argument is empty, even though after the heated exchange they all patted themselves on the back for having a serious discussion, unlike the candidates. Not really.

    Resnick and Scarborough, like most in the political realm, argued over which gang of statists will control the country not as badly as the other. The fundamental issue that they both avoided is the statist system itself. It's why it hardly matters anymore who is elected, except for a few issues one party will address as a priority over the other, but whatever president goes into office is rolled by the statist system for the most part, then uses the system to implement their pet projects, but the State becomes more powerful and the government more interventionist. Until we address the systemic problems, it hardly matters if Obama or Romney is in office except to political insiders who will gain or lose from one or the other as President. My hope is that Romney and Ryan are serious and will address the statist system -- if they don't then it becomes clear that a viable, revolutionary, third party is needed to break up the system.

    Oh, yeah, and for comic value, Resnick was insulted because Joe included Resnick as being on the Left. Scarborough forgot all the nuance, you know. Hilarious.


    Morning Joe 10/17/2012 -- Media have no integrity whatsoever

     I tried to watch Morning Joe this morning, but it started out so predictable and shamelessly biased I became sick to my stomach. I've realized for a long time that major US media sources are biased, but the arrogance with which they misrepresent facts with impunity is still startling and maddening. You would think that enough people of integrity would be left in media to fight against the bias, but apparently there is no integrity left in MSM.

    As predicted, Democrat-biased media proclaimed Obama the victor. Morning Joe, including Scarborough, proclaimed Obama the victor, and Mark Halperin went so far as to say Romney's botched attack on the Libya tragedy takes the issue off the table. Incredible, simply incredible. So, after Obama and Crowley ganged up on Romney, with Crowley pulling the transcript at Obama's command, Crowley having the transcript at her fingertips, Obama and Crowley went on to say that Obama called the Libyan attack on Ambassador Stevens a terrorist act from the start. This is a blatant lie, and Halperin is saying that because Romney wasn't able to fully reveal it as a lie, because Crowley, the moderator, and Obama blocked him, the issue is off the table -- so, media will not pursue it? Journalists will not call it a lie? Halperin will not pursue it as an issue? Morning Joe will not pursue it as an issue? The President of the US lies to tens of millions of Americans on national TV, and because media sources say he wiggled out of it, he gets debate points and it becomes a non-issue! This is how low media has sunk. This is pathetic.

    Everyone at MSNBC was crowing about Obama dominating the debate. Mika on Morning Joe started out talking about how Romney was intimidated, and Joe Scarborough criticized Romney for being tough with Crowley because she is a woman and with Obama because respect should be shown to a President. What? Why should anyone show respect to a President who disrepects the office and shows no respect for the intelligence of the American people? And why does the fact that Monica Crowley is A woman have anything to do with how tough Romney reacted to her? Most of us paying attention who aren't lackeys for Obama predicted media would call this for Obama no matter what, but this is surreal.

    Perhaps Morning Joe will redeem itself later in the show, but the way it started prevented this viewer from finding out. A new low for Morning Joe.


    Morning Joe 10/15/2012 -- The polls can be volatile except when they favor Obama

    At the end of last week, pundits were showing their scepticism regarding polls that had Romney leading, but one poll this morning from ABC/Washington Post was talked about on Morning Joe as evidence of Obama's commanding lead in Ohio, and Ohio is the only state that matters, you know.

    The narrative starting this week is that Obama stopped the bleeding from the poor debate performance and has to do fairly well in the next debate to maintain his path to victory. This has been the most transparently biased election I've ever witnessed. MSM no longer even pretends they aren't biased. NBC, ABC, The Washington Post, they are all 24/7 operatives for Obama.

    With the polls weighted toward higher Democratic Party participation, and with independents who feel bad about not voting for Obama this time saying they support him, and with the changes in communication technology, the polls have simply become political tools to give the impression that Obama is winning.

    The business community is actively fighting against Obama's re-election, as are the unemployed who want to get back to work, and the employed afraid of losing their jobs. Republican turnout will be huge, but they aren't all Republicans -- many are usually apolitical Americans politicized by lingering economic stagnation and fear that an interventionist government will double down on interventions if Democrats gain power for 4 more years. There's a war building up between the private sector and the public sector, with media and Leftists of all stripes included in the public sector ranks as ardent supporters of political means over economic means. Although the public sector is big, the private sector is still bigger. Even if Obama wins because the nation doesn't want to kick out the first black President, Congres is likely to go heavily to Republicans. The problem is that this President thinks he's a Monarch and will unilaterally get his his agenda through if he can.


    Morning Joe 9/26/2012 -- Why the GOP establishment will not support Romney

    The Centrist GOP establishment and faux-Republicans like Joe Scarborough have different reasons for not supporting Romney but the main reason is that Romney represents a shift from political means to economic means. In the political class players value the politician, the compromiser, the deal maker, the man or woman who knows how to protect and project power. The political class is intimidated by people from the private sector who enter the political arena. Romney's been called a compromiser, but as governor he merely brought his business pragmatism into politics, but now he understands that business pragmatism applied to statist policies is the wrong direction, that we need to stop government intervention and allow the private sector to worry about pragmatic economic solutions.

    The Centrist GOP establishment players would like to see Romney lose because it will likely mean that the establsihment types will be out of power for a long time. It started with the Tea Party and 2010 elections when the status quo was shaken. Some old GOP players cozied up to the Tea Party, but only to cover their asses until they could figure out how to marginalize the threat from New Republicans.

    This morning on Morning Joe, Scarborough continued his attack on Mitt Romney. Scarborough even used Rush Limbaugh's concerns about Romney as proof that all Republicans and conservatives believe Romney is blowing it. Limbaugh understands that Romney is not the issue, though, so Scarborough is once again dishonest when he tries to show that he alone understands what has to happen. Scarborough wanted someone like Jeb Bush to run. Bush would have been a disaster, so maybe Scarborough is secretly pulling for Obama no matter what -- Mika said this morning that Joe and Bill Clinton really like one another, so who knows, plus, Scarborough works for the most partisan news outlet in the country, and they are a propaganda wing for the Democratic Party. But Scarborough dismisses such criticism as heated nonsense from the crazies. Scarborough said the difference between Romney and himself, when it comes to political acumen, is that Scarborough got the votes from all the people in little ranch homes -- you know those people, right? Those little people in the little ranch homes who all think and vote alike? They are so cute when they get involved -- all someone like Scarborough has to do is just relate to their little problems and talk down to earth and they swarm to the voting polls in their pick up trucks.

    The irony in all this is that while Scarborough says that Romney is out of touch, it's Scarborough who's out of touch. Scarborough said that Romney's team blames the media and polls, although I haven't heard this from the Romney camp, except they've said that polls aren't accurate. The point is not that the media are cherry-picking sound-bites and poll numbers, it's that the polls are irrelevant. The polls aren't capturing the reality of what will happen on election day. Voters can't be reached like they could be reached a decade ago. Someone on Morning Joe brough this up last week and Joe dismissed it by saying he always looked at trends. What? Scarborough is stuck in the 90s and doesn't understand that trends of misinformation are still misinformation. The polls are political tools for the incumbent -- they don't reflect the reality of voter sentiment. My prediction is still that Romney will win, and I think he will win big, because it's not about Romney -- it's about a change in direction. 

    The pettiness of Scarborough and MSNBC was shown in a clip they played of a Romney/Ryan speech in which the crowd was chanting Romney, Romney, Romney. The Morning Joe crew lied and said the crowd was chanting Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, and then the clip showed Romney aqsking the crowd to use the chant Romney, Ryan, Romney, Ryan, because he was bragging on Ryan and giving him credit. Scarborough made it look like Romney was trying to insert his name. I saw that part of the speech yesterday, and the crowd was chanting Romney, Romney not Ryan, Ryan, and Romney was being humble, not insecure. MSNBC is just a dirty organization, and morning Joe is a dirty show.


    Morning Joe 8/17/2012 -- I can't take any more

    I've written a short analysis of the Morning Joe shows for over a year, and I've done so because Morning Joe had as guests some interesting political figures who represent world views that are in conflict, yet, more and more, Morning Joe has become group-think, the same old regulars with a singular Leftist/statist worldview with perhaps a few Centrists thrown in which creates no conflict or deep debate at all.

    MSNBC is such a biased organization it was inevitable that Morning Joe would simply become a tool for the Democratic Party. Morning Joe offers no real opposition to progressivism, and now their programing consists of constant Romney/Ryan bashing/smearing. It's no longer even entertaining, as both Joe and Mika go lazily through the motions. Both Mika and Joe said several times this morning they were tired. They were joking about being tired of the chaos on the set, but I think they really are tired. Who wouldn't be with the same old partisan talking points each day. There is no challenge -- no intellectual stimulation. For a viewer, it's excruciating. I can't imagine this show lasting much longer. I might have to start my day with a new program - this is too depressing. If I hear one more segment with Pulitzer Prize winner Eugene Robinson stuttering his undying support for anything Obama does, I might hurt myself.