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    Morning Joe 7/31/2012 -- Reflections of atrophy

    Today on Morning Joe I was reminded why I critique this show -- it reflects the emptiness and atrophy of old, left-leaning, biased media. The guests were the same tired guests they've recycled for awhile --John Heilemann, Mark Halperin, Eugene Washington, Ed Rendel, etc. Their talking points this morning were designed to trash Romney regarding his tour of Britain, Israel and Poland. Some of the guests bemoaned how Obama and Romney don't seem to like politics, and how the campaigns aren't motivational, but, but, of course, Romney's campaign is much much worse. We all know how Romney answered a question in England about potential problems with the Olympics, and how this really hurt the feelings of Cameron, and how Romney should have known better. Oh my, what was Romney thinking? Speaking like an adult to emotionally stunted, egotistical political animals! Doesn't Romney understand how petulant and petty foreign leaders can be, and how snotty the political class becomes when you speak your mind without doublespeak and layers of bullshit? Romney even dared mention the name of a secret British organization! You are supposed to be mum about this secret, secret, really secret, double-naught spying stuff. Has Romney never seen a James Bond movie? This spy outfit is so secret you can't even mention the name, unless you are a reporter reporting on someone mentioning the name. Shhhhh!

    In Israel, Romney had the gumption to praise the culture of technology, innovation, democracy, peaceful trade, entrepreneurship and productivity! The Palestinians took this as a slight. Doesn't Romney know  relativity tells us that Israel's culture is no better than one in which tyrants control the minds and actions of the people, homosexuals are rejected/punished/killed, women can't show their faces in many places and are treated as possessions rather than independent human beings. In most of the mideast, outside of Israel, if oil had not been discovered, the people would be wandering in deserts with many starving -- they aren't doing much better with the oil. The reason for the stark difference is culture and ideas, and Romney praised the Israeli culture which moves closer to liberty and open minded, peaceful existence. Both cultures have their problems, but Israel is advancing and the other countries, like Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, are not advancing. The northern African countries nearby are still in turmoil. The mideast started a downhill slide since the Byzantine empire was destroyed, and to recognize that Israel's culture is strikingly successful in the region shouldn't be controversial.

    Media, represented by shows like Morning Joe, are determined to destroy Romney and reelect Obama. This reflects atrophy in the political class. What the Morning Joe crowd said this morning is that political manipulation, propaganda, perceptions and double-talk are superior to honesty, that we must play political games rather than address real problems. The political class has been revealed and the public doesn't like what it sees, so the political class is striking back, attempting to destroy its enemies. Statists sense they are losing control, and they are protecting their positions, afraid of dynamic change. When someone like Romney comes along and represents the dynamism of innovation and creative destruction, the status quo protectors react -- they howl that all institutions are under attack. They yell that no one in the private sector would have anything without the State. They cry that the Post Office is going under. They start wars and encourage jingoism. The scare senior citizens by telling them that people like Romney will take away their retirement benefits. They scare women by showing how the evil private sector doesn't care about women's issues and will make them second class citizens. They scare minorities by claiming rich white men own the economy and if left alone will keep minorities down and in poverty.

    The political class is desparate because they are losing control -- they are losing their protections -- they are being forced to show results -- they are being audited and they don't want any light shed on their incompetence -- they don't want the rigged game to end.

    Oh my, what will Romney say in Poland?



    Morning Joe 6/7/2012 -- Media bias and the surprising good showing by GOP

    Joe came back even though he's sick to put his thumb on Mika. I know the producers told him that Mika was out of control and they needed him to come back and talk over her. Joe started the program with a rant about the NYT's coverage of Romney which is overly critical and unusually biased. Then Joe walked it all back because he really loves the NYT. As it turns out, the NYT is really objective, but it depends on the writer and the context. Yeah, right. The truth is that the NYT is biased, and a few stories which appear to contradict the claim of bias don't negate the constant propaganda against those who don't adhere to the modern liberal/progressive worldview and for those who support the modern liberal/progressive worldview.

    The political class can't understand how, even with the bias of the NYT, NBC, Hollywood, universities, unions, and all the other modern liberal/progressive tenacles, the GOP is outshining the Democrats and Romney is tied with Obama. If we take into account that the polls appear to be skewed to favor Democrats, the truth is likely that Romney is running ahead of Obama by seven points or so in all important measurements.

    Jeffrey Sachs was on and he's warning of a possible European implosion this week. If Germany doesn't save Greece and Spain, it could create panic that throws Europe into a downward spiral toward collapse of the EU and the Euro. This could lead the international economies toward global reset, and then the power elite will certainly advance their One World Order agenda. Let's hope we can avoid that. America certainly doesn't need an incompetent statist at the helm during these shaky times. We probably just need more stimulus -- that's what the leading Democrats are recommending -- more government spending. November can't arrive soon enough.


    Media ignore auto bailout story

    I haven't been able to find one mainstream media source that has pushed back on the Obama campaign's claims that the auto bailout was a success. In fact, the media is going along with the claims without providing context. Reason online and few other alternative media sources have covered the story, but MSM have been complicit in the dishonest claims of unqualified success regarding the bailout.

    If GM perfoms without a hitch at the top of its game, and economic factors fall in GM's favor, then the US taxpayer might lose only a few billion, but, if as is likely the case, GM continues to face revived and greatly improved competition from Japanese companies, and the unfunded pensions hit hard in 2014, and the European economy continues to stagnate, then after the election, after the GM propaganda has been swallowed by voters, GM will have the same problems it had at the time of its bailout. Many voters will feel stupid when they hear the truth about GM in 2014.

    If the Obama administration valued the truth, they would say that the auto bailout has been partially successful, but GM is not out of the woods and could continue to face financial problems. Why Republicans have a blank stare on their faces when someone makes the claim of auto bailout success, I don't know, because there's a great comeback to the claim. I don't understand the Republican campaign -- they have a great story to tell about the unintended consequences of government intervention, but they either don't don't understand how to tell the story, the causes and effects, or they aren't sure they want to win.


    Morning Joe 5/18/2012 -- State media and partisan hacks

    On Morning Joe there were a few interesting moments. One was the continued clips of Biden doing his snark routine aimed at Romney. Of course, if Romney and his team were constantly snarky when speaking of Obama, it would be framed as shrill and desperate, but when Joe does it it's populist messaging which touches the common man and woman.

    Another interesting moment which feeds into my title regarding media bias was the Billionaire's Super Pac turning down an ad which attacks Obama regarding his relationship with Rev Wright. It's a long non-story. The point is that the NYT highlighted the story in an attempt to smear Romney. It was a stretch which confirms that the NYT is merely an arm of the State and filled with partisan hacks propagandizing for Obama. The GOP doesn't have to attack the Left in this presidential campaign -- all that Romney's team has to do is simply state what the Left is doing, then point to the economy.

    That brings me to the last interesting point, which was a discussion regarding the economy in which there was disagreement over why we are losing ground in the global economy. Steve Rattner believes that other countries are catching up, but he believes we are doing okay. The Harvard professor on the show believes that America is slipping because of fundamental problems we aren't addressing -- education, our tax structure, too much regulation and, in general, an unfriendly environment for businesses. This is a shame -- America has become an unfriendly environment for businesses. This started around the time of LBJ and it's only gotten worse with brief periods of improvement. Yes, we have to deal with the fundamental problems and stop obsessing over symptoms.


    Morning Joe 4/9/2012 -- And who taught Mika the art of bias?

    On Morning Joe this morning, Mika, Joe, Mark Halperin, David Resnick, Andrea Mitchell and a few other lefty guests discussed the passing of Mike Wallace. Mika had worked with the 60 minutes crew, so she was glowing in her memories and told the crew how much she learned there. When David Resnick began framing 60 Minutes as a carnival, Mika quickly shut him down -- she wanted only good stuff said about Wallace. Sort of like how she deals with Obama.

    Howard Kurtz, on his CNN show, criticized Mika's moderation of a White House conference/campaign ad regarding the economy and how Obama saved America. Mika praised Obama's performance. Hard-hitting journalist that Mika is, she believes Obama has accomplished quite a bit economically. Once someone becomes a partisan hack and loses integrity, it's difficult to take anything they say seriously. That Joe goes along for the most part, and because Morning Joe has on guests who are in the tank for Obama and the Democrat Party, the entire show is a joke. The show is still important because it reflects the intellectual emptiness among self-styled liberals. This is one reason I'll focus on liberalism on my blog for awhile -- it's a very important topic, because modern liberal ideas have had so much influence and have caused so much economic damage.

    As an example of how out of touch liberals have become, one liberal guest on Howard Kurtz's show defended Obama's relationship with media outlets such as MSNBC by saying Mika is a co-host of the right-leaning news show, so it all balances out. Right-leaning! It's worse than I thought.