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    The Will to Create

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    Morning Joe 2/29/2012 -- Romney wins and media lose

    On Morning Joe today the talk, of course, was about Romney's "narrow" victory. Mika and Joe started out attempting a moment of graciousness by saying a win is a win and Romney must be given credit, but then Harold Ford, Chuck Todd, Michael Steele, David Gregory, Tom Brokaw and others proceeded to diminish the win because it wasn't a landslide victory -- even though Democrats/union members voted in the open primary to upset the results. Media and the Democrat Party lost. Santorum not only lost, he was revealed as the nothing candidate he's been all along. The only reason Santorum got any attention at all is that political operatives, media pundits and jealous Republicans have tried to pump him up because they don't want Romney to win so soon. Santorum's momentum was manufactured -- it was never real.

    I've made a calculation that Romney is the only hope for stopping Obama and his progressive march to complete statist control. The Left has gone off the track, and it's because they have chosen to ignore economic freedom in favor of redistribution of wealth. Tocqueville warned against the middle class voting itself favors by taking other people's money. The Left's desire to live off the wealthy and give itself security by confiscating wealth has brought us to economic stagnation, high real unemployment and crippling debt.

    Romney has the best chance to beat Obama, and at this point any resistance to statism is better than continuation of the interventions and central planning we've seen for so many years. The Left should be ashamed -- the Left's desire to live off the wealth of others is where true greed lies. The middle class Left is not concerned with the poor -- they are concerned with political power that rigs the game for them. All the complaints the middle class Left levels against the 1% are basically projections to hide their grasping nature and plans to redistribute wealth for their benefit. Yes, Government and corporations have colluded at high levels, but as I've said in the past, the corporations aren't calling the shots, and now corporations are realizing this. Obama is a good statist/progressive, and he knows where the power comes from -- the middle class, the workers on unemployment, the students who want debts eliminated and  a minimum living given to them so they don't demean themselves and cramp their lifestyles with a meaningless job. Democrats know how to maintain power -- take wealth from those who create it and give it to those who want financial security and subsidized lifestyles. Big corporations have been bought by the State, and now corporations will serve the government's purposes.

    Romney has a chance, if he will follow the lead of Ron Paul, to wake up Americans who don't want to live off the wealth of other people. If the nation cannot realize what's happening, the debt will crush us and no will get anything but the very very wealthy who've stashed their escape cash. Morning joe this morning obsessed over Romney's warts, while ignoring the glaring defects of Obama and the progressive plan of redistribution. Morning Joe is a partisan hack show with very little relevance -- it's good only to witness the emptiness on the Left. The Right has it empty heads also, but at least there are a few on the Right who are fighting to stop the progressive theft of wealth which will kill our economy.


    John King, non-union businessman in Michigan, shot

    I attempted to find this story reported by ABC, NBC, CBS or MSNBC, but I couldn't find it. The shooter carved "scab" into the King's SUV, and when King confronted the vandal, King was shot in the arm. King is an electrical contractor has been harrassed by the union before. We'll see if the MSM follow the reports of the New Media.


    Judge Steeh in Michigan rules that the mandate to buy insurance is okey-dokey

    People, we are living in a nation that is very confused. The American people will have to bring clarity, because the State is on a rampage. The American people will have to say --- No, thanks.