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    The Will to Create

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    Morning Joe 2/16/2012 -- How Santorum was created

    On Morning Joe this morning, the guests early on were Howard Dean and Richard Haas, then Jeff Greenfield and Tom Colburn came on, then Harold Ford and Rick Stengel, and maybe a few other regulars who are easy to forget. This is probably going to be the most deceitful election year anyone under 60 has ever witnessed, and the election is about all they talk about on Morning Joe.

    The Morning Joe crew had more evidence this morning that Obama is gaining in popularity and that Romney is in trouble. Never mind that in past primaries at this point there were no clear winners, and that primaries are contests in which each candidate has a following and the race goes up and down as the candidates go to different parts of the nation. But, remember, this election year is about deceit, so Morning Joe hosts and guests have to act each morning like Romney's campaign is on the verge of collapse, that no one likes Romney, and Santorum (or whoever is popular) is rising like a rocket. Media want so badly to influence this election -- it's comical.

    This morning, it was especially comical as Joe and Mika fumbled to deal with the revelation that Santorum had implied in an interview last year that contraception is the business of government, and that sex should be just for procreation. Oh my, it was hilarious watching Mika defend Santorum's right to hold these ideas, and that he's never pushed any legislation to ban contraceptions. Under any other scenario, Joe and Mika would skewer any Republican who said such things about contraception and sex. Yes, it was hilarious, and Howard Dean's reaction was funny as well. Dean was listening to Joe and Mika's defense of Santorum, and you could see the wheels turning as Dean tried to figure out their angle, because Dean knew it was BS. Dean wasn't sure if this was helpful to the Left or not, so he was cautious in his responses, partly agreeing with Mika but then reluctantly admitting though that Santorum has supported some, um, well, socially conservative, uh, pretty extreme, uh, positions.

    Who the hell are they kidding? Dean quickly got the picture and stated that he's worried about Santorum -- that Santorum has the ability to connect with people. Dean was acting as if Santorum can be a real challenger against Obama, a dangerous opponent. Come on, man! This is absurd -- absolutely absurd. Santorum is a joke, and he was at 2% before for good reasons. The Republican Party, people like Palin, Scarborough, Kristol in the party, and media, have pumped up anyone they can, even Newt Gingrich, to prevent Romney from taking the nomination. Scarborough wants a brokered convention, as does Palin and any delusional Republican who thinks they will be called on to save the Party. The media want  to put forth the image of a clown show, so they are attempting to spin every fart and burp. In reality, Romney is winning and will likely be the nominee. Santorum is imploding right now because he never had any strong support, only the phony support ginned up by those who want the primary to go on and on, or those who want the primary to look like a freak show, or those social conservatives who will have one last stand before they are pushed back in the crazy closet.