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    The Will to Create

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    Morning Joe 3/1/2011 -- compromise

    One Morning Joe today there was nothing particularly interesting except an overall direction in which several of our major problems appear to be headed. The budget and spending cuts issue is now being framed in terms of compromise between long term promises to deal with entitlements in exchange for short-term deficits, so that avoiding cuts now will save the economic recovery. On the Obamacare issue, Obama has said states can come up with their own plans. And with the issue of collective bargaining, some are suggesting that unions keep collective bargaining rights but be prevented from funding campaigns of local officials.

    If these compromises are made, we will once again witness the survival of the status quo. If immediate spending is not cut and redundancies squeezed out of government, the long term promised fixes in entitlements will fall apart and the debt will continue to grow. As for healthcare, Obama's "flexibility" simply means that individual states can develop their own plans if they are like the Obamacare plan, thus moving closer to a single payer government healthcare system. And if collective bargaining and the whole system of rules regarding public union bargaining are not changed, unions will find a way to elect friendly local officials to do their bidding. In other words, compromising will lead to maintaining the same statist direction in which we are headed.

    One more thing -- a clip of Obama saying that it does no good to denigrate public workers brings up the question if it does any good to denigrate and vilify Scott Walker, Fox News and Republicans.