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    The Will to Create

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    Morning Joe 9/9/2011 -- The Obama Show begins

    On Morning Joe this morning there was top notch analysis of the political conflict between the Left and the Right by top notch analysts on the Left and in the center. Unfortunately there was no one representing the Right, so the issues were framed in a such a way that the Right looks like obstructionist dolts, especially Rick Perry. Scarborough agrees with David Brooks that Obama was spot on with his call for short term spending, tax hikes and deferred debt reduction. Oh we'll cut all that stuff later, but, now, we must spend like bargain shoppers on meth.

    It was funny listening to David Gregory, Eugene Washington, Mark Halperin and Scarborough discuss Obama's speech and Rick Perry's extremism -- it was surreal. Now, Obama will use our money to spread his propaganda, which Scarborough says is right down the middle, to go to the four corners of the US and start his Come-Back Campaign. It was kicked off last night, and the media is slowly getting in gear.

    It's sickening, but predictable. I predicted this would happen, but it doesn't take much to know what a leopard will do when you know what leopards do.