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    Authoritarian threat? You ain't seen nothin' yet

    The Democrats, Obama and his czars represent much more of an authoritarian threat than did Bush and company, despite Cheny's militaristic zeal, and despite the modern liberal narrative that energy and anger on the right could easily turn into authoritarian control.

    Obama and the Democrats are the ones forcing us to buy insurance whether we want to or not, and it's his wife who wants to control what people eat. It's Cass Sunstein who wants to nudge as a tactic of social engineering, and when nudging doesn't work, shove. It's the healthcare law that has the potential to destroy one sixth of the economy and exercise authoritarian control over a major industry.

    It's a Democrat controlled government that's seizing private companies because regulators don't like the looks of their financial health. It's the Obama financial plan to build a structure for control which now only needs to be filled in with regulations -- and it is Obama who appointed an unconfirmed Elizabeth Warren who has an ax to grind concerning Wall Street.

    It's Obama putting out a hit on a private citizen without a trial. It's Obama's leadership which is sending drones like a video game to wipe out "suspected" targets in Pakistan with insufficient intelligence on the ground.

    It's the left who are pushing for majority rule and violations of the Constitution, and the left who wants to drag ignorant people along to their way of thinking regardless of the people's real wishes.

    If Obama is elected for four more years, and if the Democrats have any power left, we will see the real threat of authoritarianism. Of course, authoritarian control is a threat from both left and right in the political realm, but let's not be blind to which side is acting the most authoritarian at the moment.


    The Bush tax cut battle

    Obama continues to take the odd position that extending the tax cuts for those making over $250,000 is giving millionaires a $100,000 of government money -- the tax cuts have been in effect and people are simply keeping more of the money they've made. Even with this money remaining in the private sector, the economy is still dead -- can you imagine taking that money away from the earners to give to government?

    What government needs to do is make those cuts permanent, so those people can continue to keep their money and spend it in the private sector, and then government should cut spending by 700 billion dollars over the next ten years.


    Another Morning Joe report

    On MSNBC's Morning Joe, the Obama cheerleaders discussed their strategic recommendations for Obama following yesterday's Town Hall discussion in which an Obama supporter told the president she is exhausted defending him and his policies. A clip was shown of the exchange, and Obama acutally laughed at her comment. No one on Morning Joe mentioned his laughter, they only said it's healthy for Obama to hear how his supporters are feeling. Obama went on to blame the Republicans and to assure everyone we're going in the right direction and it's going to take time because the Republicans screwed up the economy so badly. Then the Morning Joe crew all agreed that Obama should have gone further and stated that we WILL get there soon, that his policies are working.

    I don't know what to say. These people are totally lost. This is the quality of political discourse being offered. The pundits, and even award winning journalists like Eugene Washington, can only talk about how Obama can hoodwink the public and maintain power. They are openly recommending manipulation to retain Democrat control. It's sad. It's obvious that they don't believe in anything but staying in power. This is why I write so much about the condition of our State. All the signs point toward the disintegration of integrity and the lack of intellectual depth to deal with our most serious problems. It's all about the political game and the retention of political means to keep the charade going.

    You can write it off as just a bunch of bozos on a morning talk show, but it's the same empty discussion throughout the political class. The president is leading the way with the dishonest narrative and manipulation -- his supporters in media are just going along with the con and dog and pony show.


    Recession over before Obama did anything

    If the recession was over in June of 09, it was over before Obama did anything to "improve" the economy. This really makes the administration look bad because they've been busy "improving" the economy with stimuli, but the economy has stagnated. There's a good chance that if government had left the economy to recover naturally, it would be moving along just fine right now. But, by being so actively and hysterically interventionist, like calling in leading surgeons, biologists, visionaries, priests and astrologists from around the world for a heart operation that, although serious, could be handled in the usual way by a hospital staff and surgeon, it scared everyone, because no one knows what's coming next -- will they call in exorcists, voo-doo specialists, paranormal psychologists and palm readers?


    The clown-mask of moderation

    Ahmadinejad is just an extreme, ridiculous example of ideology hiding behind the mask of moderation. We see it in varying degrees, from Shariah-supporting Muslims who claim the mantle of peace and tolerace to the David Brooks and Frums of the American political class who hide their statism behind a moderation which simply wants to find the best solutions.

    This morning, some pundit was talking about the moderate stance of Barack Obama -- you get my point. The problem is that the Information Age is not into masks, but I suppose it's an interesting charade among those stuck in yesterday's political games.