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    Republicans missing an opportunity

    Media have Republicans shell-shocked after what media sharks did to Ted Cruz when he correctly stood tall in the Senate and called for the repeal of Obamacare. Cruz should be hailed as a hero in the Republican Party, but he's not. Most Republicans saw how Cruz was attacked when he stood up, so they are mostly sitting and taking weak potshots at the Obamacare rollout failures, which is like shooting fish in a barrell. If Republicans had joined Cruz in articulating why Obamacare is bad law and anathema to a Constitutional Republic which values limited government and economy freedom, they could've attacked the Democratic Party narrative that can still win the day if the website starts working.

    Republican centrists advised the GOP to wait and let Obamacare implode, but that's a coward's strategy, or the cynical strategy of those who won't fight to uphold principles. If Obama and the Democrats do as they say they're going to do, promote the helping, compassionate aspects of Obamacare from now until the first of the year, and if Republicans fail to articulate a greater vision of free market processes and how healthcare should operate in an environment of open competition, without the irrational interventions of government regulations preventing innovative solutions and free choice, then Democrats will convince enough low information voters to emotionally vote for them again in 2014, and Republicans can then forget about it.

    Democrats are going to continue lying about the overall benefits of Obamacare and hide all the consequences, so Republicans have to counter this propaganda with explanations of how markets work and how the market can provide affordable healthcare for the great majority of consumers. The market will respond to what consumers want. What's a problem for Republicans is finding enough spokespeople who can articulate free market mechanisms and principles, and, also, Republicans who can address the poor and uninsured. Democrats will continue to ask the GOP what's their plan for the poor uninsured.

    This is where Republicans will likely lose the argument, because none of them have been able to effectively present a vision of private sector assistance capable of meeting the challenge. There's enough money in our economy so that if government lowered taxes and allowed the private sector to develope solutions for people without healthcare access, the response would be sufficient to the challenge. It's really the only way to resolve this social problem without creating severe financial problems for the nation. If we as a society want to help those who can't help themselves, or those in emergency situations, then we'll have to do it in the private sector. If it can be done half-assed by government, then it can be done effectively in the private sector. I have no doubt that Americans would respond to the challenge if they're allowed to keep more of their money. Myriad fund-raising sources would develope with clever marketing efforts to keep streams of funding pouring in to help the needy. We can do it as a people.

    But, even if Americans insisted that government provide assistance to poor people for healthcare, Obamacare is not the way to go about it. If Americans insist on a statist solution then let the government come up with a solution to healthcare for the poor, and leave the rest of us alone. Let the free market deal with healthcare, and let government deal with providing healthcare services to the poor. Once taxes go up to about 60 or 70 percent, Americans will likely reconsider and agree to take on the responsibility in the private sector. But Republicans should be discussing these ideas and raising the debate higher and beyond glitches on a website or increased premiums and deductibles. We need fundamental solutions, and this doesn't mean giving Obama a few ideas regarding tweaks to the system -- it's either Obamacare or the free market -- there's no middle, compromised way.


    Please, Democrats, get creative!

    This morning on the Sunday news shows, the Left continued to shift from covering the sad reality of Obamacare to covering the Republican meanness toward Obama. MSM are trying to portray Obama as caring and attempting to do the right thing while all Republicans do is criticize and present obstacles. Several pundits on the Left made it clear that Republicans don't want poor people to have food stamps, healthcare access or anything that will help them.

    After years of Republicans in government doing nothing but cooperating with Democrats to build the welfare state we have today, Leftists are still pushing the wornout narrative that Republicans hate the poor. How anyone who's paid only half-ass attention to what's happened under GOP administrations and GOP controlled congresses doesn't know that this narrative is total bunk is beyond my understanding. Even when the GOP has used debt reduction rhetoric to please the base, it has always resided over an increase in the debt and an expansion of the welfare state, even under Reagan.

    MSM are deperately attempting to steer the bad news about Obamacare back to criticisms of the GOP, but, damn, can't they come up with creative criticisms?


    Republican Party: From a Position of Strength

    I don't understand the Republican Party. The New Republicans, like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee, led a charge against progressivism when Democrats were still in a strong political position, demanding that Obamacare be defunded. This led to a government close down that hardly anyone noticed, except the media. Ted Cruz spoke for 20 hours on the senate floor letting Americans know exactly why Obamacare will completely destroy the healthcare industry and the economy as a whole.

    Establishment Republicans saw the bad press in the media regarding the government shut down, and they believed the narrative, that the New Republicans were hurting the party. Also, moderates in the party don't like the fact that Cruz and others are getting more attention and love from the base of the party. When the Obamacare roll out was a disaster, Cruz and company were vindicated, but media and establishment Republicans said that Cruz was diverting attention away from the roll out because of what he'd done earlier. Media and GOP moderates talked as if Ted Cruz and a couple of other Republicans closed down government all by themselves, and that Americans were not noticing that Cruz was completely right about Obamacare.

    When Republicans changed their demand from defunding Obamacare to delaying it for a year, media and GOP moderates like John Mccain said that Obamacare is the law of the land and it has to be dealt with. The New Republicans were told that Obamacare was settled in court and in the 2012 election, although we know now that Obama used government agencies to attack the Tea Party and manipulate the public into thinking the economy was recovering and that unemployment numbers were falling. We also know that Obama lied to the American people about keeping their insurance plans and doctors if they like them. Many libertarians and limited governbment conservatives warned against these lies for three years, but they were called obstructionists, radicals, extremists, racists. Now, it turns out, Obamacare might be delayed. Media coverage and moderate attacks on conservatives have been absurd -- media and moderates are getting it wrong consistently.

    Now that the New Republicans and libertarians have been vindicated, and now that the public is changing its mind about the role of government, what do Republican governors do? Republican governors make Chris Christie their leader, and they start distancing themselves from the limited government conservatives and libertarians. These moderate Republicans are talking about going to the middle and working with Democrats to get things done. These moderates are talking about showing the nation that they "care" about people, just like Democrats. These moderates say that they want to show the nation that the GOP has solutions.

    The GOP moderates want to come up with their own healthcare "fixes". The moderates want to tweak the welfare state and properly manage entitlements. The moderates want to intervene in the Middle East in a more effective way. The moderates want to find a smart way to deal with illegal immigrants, Blah, blah, blah. This is same old stuff we've heard from McCain, Graham, Kasich, Christie, Ryan, Boehner. GOP governors are pretending they are outside Washington DC, but they're talking just like the moderates in DC who protect the status quo, two-party, statist system before all else.

    This is a time when Republicans should step forward with strength and articulate a vision of limited government and a free market, making bold radical proposals to eliminate government programs and agencies, rolling back regulations, changing how taxes are collected, bringing our troops home and closing the military bases around the world, auditing the Fed and beginning the process of dismantling this monster that's slowly setting up economic disaster. GOP governors are comical as they pose and pretend to be innovative thinkers. This is rehashed political bullshit that's helped to bring America to the sorry place she finds herself. We need brave, strong, radical changes, and the public is ready for this type of change. The public is ready to go back to work. Republican moderates are falling for the welfare state con once again, believing they must position themselves as compassionate and caring as the welfare state continues to rot and make conditions worse for the poor and middle class.

    Innovative thinking and changes that will help those in poverty will come from all of us in the private realm, not from conniving politicians who operate by political means and worry about re-election and power maintenance above all else. New Republicans should stand tall and lead the way to private solutions, with government concentrating on its basic duties, protecting our rights, settling disputes and defending our borders. We don't need Republican statism -- we need to end statism.



    Medicaid and Medicare and Social Security and Obamacare and...

    It can't be done. America has been in a collective denial, although there are plenty of people who've sounded the warning and faced the backlash for telling the truth, regarding entitlements and the coming costs of Obamacare. Unfunded liabilities are already estimated at over 100 trillion dollars. I guess at some point the numbers become meaningless and people tune out because they feel they have no power to deal with it. If the American people don't deal with it, though, it will eventually bury the nation and make the dollar worthless.

    Medicaid is exploding, and, with the growing number of baby boomers retiring, Medicare and SS are exploding. I know that those who've worked all their lives have paid into Medicare and SS, but they'll likely live past, and need healthcare, beyond what they've paid in. If there had been comprehensive insurance/health/saving plans available for these baby boomers when they first started working, the returns on their investments would be sufficient to cover their retirement and healthcare needs, and then some, but government took over the safety net, and this is what we get -- national debt at 16 trillion with over a 100 trillion staring us down. The current young generation has been screwed, and unless there are innovative insurance/health/saving plans for them, then they'll have to face national bankruptcy at some point, after decades of sufocating taxes, no doubt.

    It's past time to dismantle the welfare State and allow the private sector to creatively deal with these problems.


    Politics over economics

    Yesterday, during Obama's press conference, he told the press he'd let them talk about the politics of his decision to postpone cancellations of private policies for a year -- Obama said he would simply do what's best for the American people. Obama's hardly alone among Presidents pretending to eschew politics for principles, but, in Obama's case, the pretension is totally absurd, since it's so obvious that Obama has done nothing that's not political since entering office.

    Actually, placing politics over principles has been the major problem in our statist system for a long time, especially when politics are placed above economic principles. Political means over economic means is why Obamacare is exploding. Statists believe that if they spread enough propaganda they can mold reality, but reality has its say regardless of political agendas.

    I'm sure that someone in this administration has told Obama that certain economic realities have to be considered, but Obama is the type of statist who believes he can manipulate the economy to his political will -- plus, economic prosperity is not one of Obama's goals. Obama understands that businesses like insurance companies will be hurt by healthcare reform, even if the businesses have allowed the allure of monopoly to cloud their judgement, thus thinking they will profit greatly. It appears that even business people in the 21st century don't really understand economic principles -- it's clear also they don't understand statists like Obama. Insurance companies will become slaves of the State, if there are no major changes and Obamacare is not repealed, until the companies are no longer needed, then they'll be tossed to the side.

    Decades ago, after following Europe in an attempt to head off the influence of communism in the west, the U.S. created a "mixed" economy. The mix included socialist policies to show Americans that government has a heart. This opening blown through the Constitution was all the State needed to expand power. After 100 years or so of State expansion of power, politics have replaced economic principles, and the consequences are crippling. More and more people are dropping out of the labor force, and more and more people are becoming dependent on goivernment welfare. This trend will destroy America.

    Our government is now faced with this quandary -- it they continue to place politics over economics, they'll rule over a crumbling, decaying nation. The American people are faced with a quandary -- if they continue to become dependent on government, they'll be dependent on dwindling resources which constantly lower their standard of living. There must be new wealth creation in America in order to survive and thrive, but large government programs like Obamacare that operate through political means rather than economic means, and the constant whittling away of Constitutional limits, will destroy our liberties, thus destroy our economy and way of life. The State is anti-social and will destroy everything in the pursuit of power -- it's why we must limit the power of government and allow a free market -- yes, even a free market in healthcare.