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    Morning Joe 5/30/2012 -- If Obama will only embrace TARP, he can win

    Joe Scarborough has become a very good Obama advisor. Scarborough would call me a Cheeto-eating, pajama wearing, basement dwelling blogger for calling him on his constant denigration of Romney and his persistent advice to Obama on how to beat Romney -- Scarborough would say I don't understand his job -- political analysis. Oh, I see. Well, the analysis sucks, too. Joe said Obama should embrace TARP and say he had to work with Bush in order to prevent a depression, then show how we've made money off TARP. If being around 130 billion dollars in the hole is making money, then it appears Scarborough has been advising Obama from the beginning.

    A few giant banks took TARP money and made a huge profit, gave their executives millions, then paid back their share with interest. Beautiful. Who wouldn't embrace such a scheme. If you don't count the other parts of TARP which went to small banks, GM, Chrysler and loan modifications and the fact that around 130 billion is still owed to tax payers, with AIG owing about 30 billion or so, it was a raging success. By all means, yes, Obama should embrace TARP, and he should explain how a statist system which created the housing bubble and then the bust, then the need for TARP, is a productive use of money. Let Obama explain how this godawful mess is preferable to free market principles.

    Then, they showed a Romney ad in which Obama was criticized for losing money to Solyndra and other green energy schemes. Scarborough said the ad "sucks" and that voters don't care about Solyndra. Old Populist Joe has his finger on the pulse of the voters, you know. What a patronizing schmuck! Yes, voters do care that Obama and Democrats are blowing taxpayer money on green energy schemes to reward their supporters and donors. Scarborough said that voters only care about jobs, as if voters are made up of ignorant rubes who don't understand the Solyndra issue and merely stand at the gate of kingdom waiting for the King to give them crumbs from the cake. Americans understand how Solyndra is connected to a government system which is creating an environment that's stagnating the economy. Scarborough is the one who doesn't understand -- otherwise he'd be a part of the real opposition to modern liberal/progressive policies. Why does Scarborough even pretend he's part of the opposition to Democrats -- he's not. The Centrists don't want Obama to lose, because they fear it will encourage the Tea Party and the new faction of libertarian-leaning anti-statists.

    Scarborough is showing his true colors and the true colors of Centrists like Frum, Brooks, McKinnon, etc. They want a return of the Two Party Statist Co-op, the Gentlemen's Elite Club of Statist Mangement that takes turns with the reins.

    Later in the show, they had a discussion on Syria, with Mika's dad, David Ignatius and Carl Bernstein and Dan Senor all debating what should be done about Syria. Mika's dad, Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, made more sense than all of them. The Big Z said that it's complicated and we have a sorry history of interfering in the internal business of other nations -- yes, we do. And our military involvement will cause more deaths than if we simply stand back and call for peaceful resolution. But, in the meanwhile, they had to use the issue to beat Romney some more, because the whole show has to be about how Romney is wrong on all issues. Surprisingly, Bernstein agreed with Romney that Russia is one of our major enemies-at least ideological enemies- but he said Romney basically stumbled stupidly into being right.

    Then a lady from Planned Parenthood came on to claim that Romney wants to deny women healthcare services because Romney doesn't want our taxpayer dollars to fund Planned Parenthood. No one on the panel, because none of them think this way, suggested that Buffett, Soros, Gates, Heinz-Kerry, and all the other rich, limousine liberals, such as the many multi-millionaires in Hollywood, could easily make up the 250 million or so that government spends to subsidize the profitable Planned Parenthood.


    Harry Reid and the Budget Show

    It appears at this point that Harry Reid is determined to shut down government. Reid is using the tired, trite rhetoric of 1995 when Democrats framed the Republicans for shutting down government. What Reid is saying insults the intelligence of every thinking America citizen with a modicum of understanding of current events. Maybe some people will believe that stopping subsidies to Planned Parenthood will prevent women from receiving screening for cancer and such, and that Republicans are attacking women purposefully, but anyone who believes this will believe anything that a Democrats says, and anyone who believes this doesn't know very much about anything.

    It's pitiful how the Democrats have described the possibility of a shutdown, and it's pitiful how almost everyone in the media says the Republicans will be blamed. I don't think Republicans will be blamed -- I believe that the majority of independents will see through the Democrat hyperbole, and they'll be angry that Democrats think they are stupid. They will blame the Democrats for closing government rather than cutting the subsidies to Planned Parenthood.


    Morning Joe 4/8/2011 - Budget politics

    Morning Joe likes to talk about politics rather than overarcing principles, and this morning the suggestion was to get past politics through politics, all of it a grand strategy that has to do with perception than with results and change. Joe Scarborough's call for compromise on principles has been the downfall of the few Republicans in recent years who seriously fought statism. I have seen these compromises time and again which are supposed to be short-term losses in order to win the war, but the compromises just continue with no big victory over statism. This is why we're over 14 trillion in debt -- over 14 trillion!

    Morning Joe was stacked again with people from the Left, but they did have Pat Toomey from Penn. on, but even Toomey recommended giving in on the riders to get the cuts they can get. This potential government shutdown is not about riders regarding Planned Parenthood and EPA regulations -- it's about Democrats unwilling to cut spending as they plan to increase spending on infrastructure, educatioon and green energy schemes. Democrats can't afford to let the tide turn toward reducing the power and control of government -- they aren't finished with their social engineering, and their central planning calls for much more spending on pet projects they've promised their favorite corporations, unions and special interests. They need the support for the 2012 election. They certainly don't want to weaken EPA -- they'd rather shut down government and blame it on the Republicans than weaken EPA or lose the ability to subsidize Planned Parenthood -- surely everyone can see it's vital for taxpayers to support Planned Parenthood! No, we can't see that, not all of us, anyway.

    This budget battle is about the Republicans representing the Tea Party and independents who want to reduce the power, size and cost of government so that more money is invested in the private sector to create economic growth and jobs, and the Democrats presenting GE, GM and other Left-friendly corporations, and the unions and the environmentalists and the Planned Parenthood crowd and the teachers and the government dependents, so that government can spur growth through central plans and technocratic engineering -- plus this keeps the voting base of the Democrats onboard.

    Morning Joe plays the political strategy because no one understands a principled stand anymore. Statism will never be stopped with compromises, then, no one on Morning Joe wants to stop statism -- they are a part of the political realm which finds the status quo comfortable and rewarding. Oh, they know that spending needs to be cut and entitlements tweaked, but, good God, let's not get extreme and make big changes that might reduce the power of government -- they need that power!

    Also, Morning Joe showed a clip several times of Jon Stewart doing his juvenile impersonation of Glenn Beck, and, like school kids, the Morning Joe crew giggled at the crazy Stewart, then joined in on the Beck bashing. What Beck is doing shadows the juvenile Stewart and the political hacks on Morning Joe -- Beck is reporting on the stuff that others are ignoring, and he's building something, not tearing down. They said Beck continues to scream "The world is ending!" -- no, Beck doesn't, but the world is ending for the old mainstream media and the status quo political class. Scarborough shouldn't show his envy so obviously -- it makes him look as petty as Stewart. Now that Beck is leaving Fox, I'll have to start reporting on the Daily Show and Jon Stewart -- Stewart gets away with a lot of irrational, ignorant smearing, and his humor is funny only to the niche which hates someone like Beck. Stewarts fart-humor is too easy. Stewart wants to be taken seriously but hides his flaws and lack of intellectual depth behind sarcasm. You can snark, but you can't hide.