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    Up with Chris Hayes 1/8/2012 -- Ron Paul's ideas plus liberal hypocrisy

    On Up with Chris Hayes it was an uneventful program but one of the exchanges was very interesting. Elise Jordan, who once worked with Condoleeza Rice, when discussing the Republican presidential candidates, said that the Republican Party should pay heed to Ron Paul's positions on national defense and the war of drugs, along with his economic policies. Later Chris Hayes brought up the newsletters and said that no matter how you slice it Ron Paul is not qualified -- whether Paul believed what was in the newsletters, or didn't believe but allowed them any way, or didn't know what was in the newsletters with his name on them, Hayes said he's unqualified if any of these are true.

    I've never heard Hayes or other liberals disqualify Obama for his long term relationship with Reverend Wright -- they just roll their eyes when it's brought up. But, no matter how they slice it, Obama's relationship with a bigot and racist should be just as damaging as Ron Paul's newsletters. The Left says that Obama didn't write the Reverend's sermons, but this is a weak defense. Obama sat in the audience for years while vile biogotry and racism spewed from the pulpit, and Obama also had a personal relationship with Wright, praising him before running for President. Distinguishing between types of racism and bigotry is a smoke screen, and this makes Hayes a hyopcrite on this issue..

    Obama had his relationship with the racist, bigoted Wright and the racist Church up until 2008, when Obama then threw Wright under the bus, which also speaks to character. Ron Paul has not shown any signs of racist tendencies, and his proposed policies are good for African-Americans and other minorities. Aside from the newsletters, which Paul denies reading or approving, and which were written 20 years ago when Paul was working as a physician, Paul has not said or done anything that can be described as racist or bigoted. Obama's relationship with Wright up until 2008 was in Obama's name, and it is Obama's responsibility to accept his tacit approval of Wright's racist, bigoted message. The Left is totally hypocritical on this issue.


    The war on the Tea Party continues

    The war on the Tea Party continues unabated -- it's actually getting worse as more and more liberals, moderates, progressives and even Big Government Republicans accept the media's smear and fear campaign. It has become accepted without any research to verify the claims that the Tea Party is mainly inspired by racism and a desire to return to a time when the white man had all the advantages. The limited government aspect of much of the Tea Party phenomenon is seen as code for deconstructing the welfare state so that people of color are denied tax payer dollars.

    The media campaign has been biased and filled with disingenuous assumption about what motivates the Tea Party. The standard claim is that they want to take the country back from the influence of a black President who isn't really an American, and media support this claim by showing how there was no Tea Party movement under Bush, although many conservatives began to oppose Bush's Big Government policies before he left office which led to Obama's big win. The movement had to start at some point, and after it soaked in to people that government had bailed out banks, tremendously increased government spending and then passed a huge government-run healthcare plan, they had had enough. The fact that Obama was then president was incidental to the protest, except that his actions made a good target for opposition to statist over-reach. When the Tea Party started, almost every representative included Big Government Republicans on their list of people to keep out of office, and this was shown to be the case in the mid-term elections. So, it's not a black president than motivates there displeasure with government -- they are just as opposed to big spending, statist Republicans.

    The real motivation among the Tea Party movement will be revealed in 2012 -- those who continue to support Big Government policies and more spending and higher taxes will be voted out where the Tea Party has the ability to do so, and the Tea Party vote in black representatives like they did in the midterms, if the black representative supports their goals for getting government under control. This is the reality beneath the fear and smear media campaign -- statists are incensed now that power is threatened.


    Glenn Beck 3/31/2011 -- 12th Imam and Iran

    People like myself who are spiritual in a broad sense but not religious find those who practice religion in fundamental ways, such as Islamists stoning gays or having restrictive rules for women or wearing certain garb or funny looking hats, strange and in certain cases a little mentally imbalanced. Beck makes the point today that dismissing religious fundamentalists, like the extreme Islamists whose religion calls for violence and destruction, can be fatal. It appears that many on the Left innocently accept Islam, in the moderate, modernized version, as another religion which deserves freedom of expression in America. Most people would agree that Islam should enjoy freedom to worship. But, then, there are leftists who are waging a serious battle against capitalism and western values and who see Islamists as coalition partners, even Muslim groups found to be extreme and fundamental believers. This strange partnership is a huge mistake, because in any situation in which these extremists had control, the leftists would be the first destroyed.

    Beck's point is important, especially as it relates to Iran, because in a very real way, the leaders are religiously insane. Beck had a former CIA operative on his show who is now in protection -- his face and voice were disguised. They called him Reza, and he had infiltrated Iran's leadership circle. Reza confirmed the insanity of the leaders who believe they must destroy Israel, because then their Messiah will return, and they view America in anti-christ terms as the Big Satan. It would be easy to Jon Stewart these characters and laugh it off as the 12th Imam crawls out the well and cracks a joke about all's well that ends well, except Iran is working on developing nuclear weapons and they support terrorism and they have vowed to destroy Israel. The Left could gain a lot in credibility by full-throatedly condemning Iran's leaders and all Islamists who come anywhere close to believing the fundamental version of Islam, and all "moderate" groups which fail to recognize the danger of the fundamentalists. Because this isn't about religion -- this is about insanity and violence and racism. The same condemnation is deserved by any insane Christian group which promotes violence and racism.

    This is not a Left/Right issue for Americans and westerners -- it's a matter of awareness and defense against a deadly force.


    What is wrong with David Frum?

    I'm sure Frum has traveled the US, and I'm sure Frum is a smart, sophisticated man, so, why would he write something like this? To create controversy? To get more hits on his site? Surely Frum is not that desperate for traffic at his site. So, I wonder, why write something like this, especially with a title implying the "South" still supports the old ideas of the Confederacy, based on a sparsely attended re-enactment in Alabama? The South is a large, diverse area. I don't know one single person who gives the Confederacy any thought at all. If I had to guess how many fit Frum's article, I'd say it's statistically negligible. So, why?

    .I think about myself reading various articles as I do on a dialy basis, and, say, I happen upon an article on a northen re-enactment of the Civil War in some place like Framington Massachusetts, and in the article the interviewed particpants are praising the northen soldiers who fought for emanicipation. I might think to myself, from I've learned about how freed blacks were treated when they moved North, that this article overlooks the horrendous conditions blacks were forced to endure in forcefully segregated enclaves -- all one has to do is read the history of how blacks suffered in the North in order to dismiss the re-enactment as a santitized version of the history of racism in the North before, during and after the Civil War. But I could never be so willingly ignorant, mean-spirited or prejudiced to react by writing a blog post accusing the "North" of hypocisy and denial regarding the whole story. Again, I ask, what motive can someone like Frum possibly have which would be strong enough to write what he wrote?  


    Alternet's racist attack on Herman Cain

    Racist attacks against black conservatives like Herman Cain are nothing new, and it's unfair to associate this attack with the "Left", but it's moral cowardice if anyone on the Left reads this and doesn't condemn it.