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    The Will to Create

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    Morning Joe 4/1/2013 -- Stockman has attacked the political class

    And the political class doesn't like it. The Morning Joe crew talked about how doctors are over-prescribing to children diagnosed with ADD and other questionable disorders, and how this creates addiction problems later in life. This problem goes beyond doctors to an incompetent State-run educational system that has failed, yet the Morning Joe crew didn't mention the failed, State-run system, or the conclusion that education must be returned to the private sector. They didn't mention private sector solutions because no one in the political class can imagine education offered through a free market.

    When David Stockman came on the show, he didn't stay long, but what he said is more important than 99% of what's been discussed on Morning Joe since its beginning. Stockman has written an important book. It's no more important than books like Tom E. Woods, Jr wrote a few years ago, Rollback, but because Stockman is more accepted in political circles, through his association with President Reagan, his book is receiving more play. The book has been attacked already, and it will be attacked even more when the political class can come up with rebuttals. Stockman, in his book, The Great Transformation, has correctly identified the cronyism involved in the 2008 bank bailouts and the ongoing economy-destroying monetary manipulations by the Fed. Although capitalism has been dead for quite a while in the US, Stockman declares capitalism very dead, now.

    Harold Ford pushed back on Stockman's premises, using the conventional, statist reasoning for the bailout, making the claim that the bailout money has been paid back and the US made a profit. Stockman answered, as many of us have answered since 2008, the loss of savings held by elderly Americans, the long term unemployment and underemployment of millions of Americans, and the debt we're loading on our children and grandchildren are the costs of bailing out banks that should have gone through bankruptcy and should have been the ones suffering the losses.


    Hey, American Peeps, how about this?

    If it's true that the American public is skittish of radical change, and if limits on government power and the creation of a free market are considered radical in 2011, how about this -- how about we just head in a different direction toward more limitations and more freedom? If radical systemic changes scare you, then how about we agree that the direction in which we're headed is disastrous, and, thus, we need to go in the direction of private sector enpowerment in a free market?

    If, as I suspect, incremental changes don't stop our powerful statist system set in motion toward collapse, then we can reassess and apply stronger, limiting measures. All we need is a majority ready to work to unravel government entanglements which are strangling the economy. I hate politics as much as the next person, but we've allowed the political realm to subordinate the economic realm, so it will take diligence to free ourselves from the entanglements and then maintain the freedom we win. Don't believe those who say that a, unregulated market created this mess, because it simply isn't true. Read Thomas E. Woods book, Rollback, if you want to know why our market isn't free and hasn't ever been completely free. It's the best current book on the market. And, don't believe people who say that a free market is a pipe dream and can't be created in a complex society. It simply isn't true.

    If enough individuals come to the realization that a new direction is needed, we can do it, and great things can happen. We can generate new wealth and prosperity and raise the living standards of even the poorest among us. Or, we can turn our fate over to the State and hope enough crumbs come our way. I wouldn't count on receiving very many crumbs, because the present system is failing, and it's only going to get worse. What do you say? How about this? What can it hurt?


    Political awareness and the coming crisis - Thomas E. Woods' Rollback

    Media and the political class practically ignore the most serious problems facing America. Coverage of politics is a game, but politics is really a side concern -- there are realities we all must face and the Information Age has created various routes for information to bypass traditional media outlets.

    Even though the public is more aware of our problems, most Americans continue to rely on government to fix the problems through more intervention and central planning - however, government has caused most of the problems. Regardless of statist mental gymnastics to assuage fear regarding SS, Medicare, Medicaid and pensions, these entitlements loom over us like a large sword.

    One pertinent aspect of the 2012 elections which justifies close coverage is that the stakes are higher than they've ever been, and this is why we can no longer afford status quo results. The time has come for a total housecleaning in Washington DC. Representatives with integrity and a clear understanding of the coming crisis are needed in order to make the radical systemic changes necessary to avoid collapse. It's no longer a political game, it's a matter of national survival.

    Everyone concerned about the future of America should read Thomas E. Woods book, Rollback. It's a straightforward analysis of our problems and what's needed to stop the current trajectory of government spending. For balance and contrast, read Rollback, then read anything Paul Krugman has written in the last 5 years, then decide which you think is a honest account of our national economic/political condition